Tesla Recalls Nearly 54,000 Vehicles With Issues Obeying Stop Signs

by Michael Freeman

Though Tesla’s vehicles possess a self-driving feature, lately it seems to be causing problems. Along those lines, Tesla had to recall nearly 54,000 cars because they have an issue obeying stop signs.

Tesla’s electric vehicles currently possess Full Self-Driving (FSD) software that is in beta, allowing some users to conduct “rolling stops.” Not coming to a complete stop at some intersections poses a huge safety risk, prompting the recall. CNBC reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said the recall covers several models. Tesla’s 2016-2022 Model S and Model X, 2017-2022 Model 3, and 2020-2022 Model Y all received the recall.

Back in October of last year, Tesla told the safety agency it would introduce the “rolling stop” function. For it to work, the vehicle must be traveling below 5.6 miles per hour. Additionally, no other moving cars, pedestrians, or bicyclists can be near the intersection. If any of them are around, the rolling stop won’t activate.

This feature appeared to violate state laws which state the vehicle must come to a complete stop. This gained the NHTSA’s attention and caused the organization to question Tesla about the function. This comes shortly after Tesla recalled nearly 12,000 United States vehicles sold since 2017 in November 2021. In that instance, a communication error could cause a false forward-collision warning. On top of that, it could unexpectedly activate the vehicle’s emergency brakes.

Though they didn’t immediately respond to a request comment, Tesla announced it would perform a software update. The over-the-air update will disable the “rolling stop” functionality.

Elon Musk States an ‘Insane’ Issue Could Arise from Self-Driving Teslas

The man behind Tesla, Elon Musk, believes its electric vehicles will be safer than humans are while driving. However, this may come at a price and cause another issue to crop up.

Talking to investors about Tesla’s FSD technology, he said it’s improving and believes it will be safer than human drivers. “I would be shocked if we do not achieve full-self-driving safer than a human this year. I would be shocked,” Musk said. “… (But) being safer than a human is a low standard, not a high standard. People are often distracted, tired, texting. … It’s remarkable that we don’t have more accidents.”

Continuing, Musk noted a big problem we face now is clogging up parking lots. According to him, we’re both spending money on them and storing our cars everywhere. If we got rid of parking lots and had the cars operating all the time, it would be more efficient. Though it’s a good idea in theory since the cars are electric, he noted the “insane” drawback would be massive amounts of traffic.

To counter this, he mentioned the Boring Company, a firm focusing on building underground tunnels. The idea is ambitious and could work, but reports also state the tunnels experienced congestion, so the idea may need some additional thought.