Tesla Will Continue Paying Ukrainian Employees Who Are Conscripted to Fight

by Samantha Whidden

Tesla will continue paying Ukrainian employees who are conscripted to fight against Russian military forces. The paychecks will continue for three months before the company will revisit the decision.

CNBC reports that Tesla revealed in an email to employees in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa that it will pay its Ukrainian employees who are to join Ukraine’s military forces during the Russian conflict. The automaker will pay the employees for three months. But the company says it will be reviewing the situation at the three-month mark. The company will then determine whether or not it will extend pay for the employees.

CNBC further reveals that Tesla currently does not operate in Ukraine. However, the company says there are 5,000 Tesla owners in the country. 

What You Need to Know

  • In an email to employees in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Tesla declares it will continue to pay Ukrainian employees who are drafted in Ukraine’s military for three months. 
  • Tesla states it is planning to reassess the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as well as its employees’ situation in three months. That’s when the company will decide if it will extend the pay or not.
  • Tesla employees receive recognition for getting Musk’s SpaceX to Starlink satellite internet services to Ukrainian citizens.

Tesla Shares Plans to Pay Ukrainian Employees Who Join the Country’s Military Forces During Russian Invasion

In the email to employees, Tesla higher-ups write, that the company is committing to do the right thing. To do this, the company is communicating with employees about the situation between Ukraine and Russia.

Tesla officials write that employees who are Ukrainian nationals and who are to return to Ukraine for active duty as a reservist will maintain their employment and salary for three months. Tesla also shares that it now has free Supercharging stations bordering Ukraine to support those impacted by the invasion. The company says hours later, several Supercharger stations near Ukraine were available for Tesla owners. Non-Tesla vehicles may also use the stations. The stations are free of charge.

Tesla also says it is teaming up with SpaceX in order to provide coverage expansion of Starlink services. This launch was to help those in Ukraine by providing an alternative internet infrastructure during the Russian invasion. “Volunteers across the Giga Berlin and Germany Service team responded quickly on Sunday. To test, configure, pack and ship several hundred Starlink units. Which have already been gratefully received by Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Minister.”

The company notes that in true Tesla fashion, the solution became active in less than three days. The Energy Team is now supplementing the Starlink rollout with a fleet of powerwalls. This system includes PV inverters from a certified installer network. A team of 40 volunteers is working on this project.