Texas Boy’s Lemonade Stand Raises $1,400 for Ukrainian Kids

by Matthew Memrick

A young Texas boy set up in front of a Dallas church and raised $1,400 through his lemonade stand for war-torn Ukraine children that he’s never even met.

Ten-year-old Mac Connatser decided to raise money after hearing about Russia’s invasion of the country.

CBS Dallas said the boy got off to a good start before he started selling, too. Connatser’s grandmother gave him $100 before he set up the stand. A police officer in the area also donated before the stand even ipened.

Texas Boy’s Lemonade Stand Helps Ukrainian Kids 

Mac Connatser’s thoughtless act is part of his nature. The boy’s mom said, “he’s a kind-hearted guy.”

The ten-year-old told the news station that he was watching a lot of news and saw many people were evacuating the country.

“I didn’t want anyone to get left behind,” he said.

So, Connatser got to work this weekend. He started mixing the lemonade and set up his stand in front of Royal Lane Baptist Church in Dallas.

One customer paid $30 for a cup of lemonade. The boy learned there were no limits to his customers’ generosity.

“Anytime I see any young person who has a heart for the world, anytime any young person doesn’t live in their little bubble and is aware of the needs of the world, it just gets my heart,” said another customer.

Boy Surpasses Goal For Ukrainian Kids

The boy told the station his goal was to make at least $500. He raised money for Save The Children, a Connecticut-based charity.

The charity said an estimated 100,000 children in Ukraine’s orphanages and institutions were at risk of being left behind or permanently separated from family members during the war.

The group currently gives out food, water, and hygiene kits to IDPs inside Ukraine and refugees arriving at the Romania-Ukraine border and in reception centers. In border countries, the charity provides Child Protection services, including targeted support for unaccompanied and separated children, psychosocial support, and access to legal services. 

Mac’s mom said he was determined to “break into his piggy bank if he needs to reach his goal.”

At the day’s end, the boy met his goal for the children.

United Kingdom Children Also Helping Ukrainian Children

There’s a worldwide effort to help these war-torn children.

The Guardian newspaper collected stories of kids in England raising funds with haircuts, walks, and bakes.

Two kids, Evie and Rowan Lewis raised $3,339 by shaving their heads last week in another Save the Children fundraising drive. Their initial goal was $130.

The newspaper said that many children raised more than the average $520 in that country. They were bringing in the same amount of $1,400 as the Dallas kid.

Two pre-teen English kids named Ketley raised money walking 43 miles. Ella (nine) and Leo (five) raised $2,417. They inspired friends and parents also to startup fundraising walks. Who knows. Maybe they ran into a lemonade stand like Connatser’s to help Ukraine’s children.