Texas Couple Raises 2,500 Pound Buffalo Named ‘Wild Thing’ in Home

by Matthew Wilson

If you ever wondered where the wild things roam, it’s this Texas couple’s house. They’re raising a 2,500-pound buffalo inside their home.

R.C. Bridges and his wife Sherron have been raising a calf in a similar way as people have a dog. In 2004, the couple sold their herd of 52 buffalo and decided to raise one as a house pet. The buffalo, Wild Things, is very much a part of the Bridges’ family. It even has Christmas dinner with them.

“Wild Thing really enjoys joining us in the house at Christmas,” Bridges told the Daily Mail. “He’s very social with us because we act as his herd. I always get a present for him to play with and I might get him a trash can this year. He absolutely loves knocking them around the yard with his horns. He even likes to dress up and I bought a wreath to hang on one of his horns this year.”

The Buffalo Has Its Own Room

Despite his size, Wild Things isn’t a bull in a china shop. He hasn’t destroyed any of the Bridges furniture or decorations. The Bridges gave the animal his own room with a TV, and he also eats breakfast at the family table.  

“He has a barn and land to walk about in but he loves coming in to watch TV. Being in the house is his favorite thing,” Bridges said. “He is the real-life bull in a china shop although I’m surprised he doesn’t do more damage with his 400lb head when he comes and goes as he pleases. It’s like a car coming through the house, he has his own room where he watches TV but his favorite room requires a bit of furniture moving to get him in each time.”

The couple has held birthday parties for Wild Things and the animal was even Bridges best man when he married Sherron a decade ago. But there have been close calls over the past 15 years. Wild Things almost killed Bridges on more than one occasion.

“It’s taken ten years for him to let my wife brush him and he’s not safe for other people to come near. He attacked me just last year and a few years prior, something spooked him and he hit me between his horns and carried on running with me holding on, my wife thought I was dead. But we wouldn’t have life any other way. He’s our pet and we love him.’