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Texas Girl Gets Trapped in Sewage Drain With Two Massive Snakes

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: David A. Northcott via Getty Images)

It’s tempting to believe that kids these days have turned into couch potatoes. However, there are still some who are out there exploring the great outdoors and having grand adventures in their own backyards. Tori, a 12-year-old girl from Southlake, Texas, was playing outside with her sister when she decided to explore a drainage pipe.

Everything was going fine until she decided to exit the tunnel. Then, she learned that she wasn’t alone. She was sharing that tunnel with two huge black snakes.

Snakes Trap Texas Girl in a Drainage Pipe

The sisters were in the final days of a two-week quarantine. They had finished their homework for the day and had lunch. With mom working from home, they were clear to go outside and play. While outside, Tori decided that she would crawl into a drainage pipe. She knew it was against the rules, but what could go wrong? It’s not like the girl was going to get trapped in the sewer drain or come across Texas-sized snakes, right? Wrong.

After she was finished exploring the tunnel, Tori decided to get out. However, the girl quickly discovered that a Texas rat snake was sitting near the entrance to the drainage pipe. She was terrified but kept her wits about her. After spotting the snake, she decided that the snake could have that side of the tunnel. She’d go find another way out.

Tori found another exit pretty quickly. However, the poor girl nearly came face-to-face with another Texas rat snake at the other end of the drainage pipe. At this point, she called on her sister Carly for help. However, when Carly spotted the snakes near the entrance, she decided to help from outside.

Carly offered some sound sisterly advice, “Just close your eyes and crawl under it before mom finds out.” At that point, Tori burst into tears. Her sister’s words reminded her that she was trapped between two snakes and her mother’s wrath. However, it didn’t take her long to decide that her mother was much less frightening than the snakes seemingly guarding the exits.

Mom tried to open the heavy storm grate but failed. So, she called Southlake Police and Fire Department to come to get her out. Tori was safe and sound in no time and the Southlake Departments of Public Safety shared the experience in a hilarious Twitter thread.

A Word About the Snakes

The Southlake DPS reported that the snakes that trapped the poor girl in the drainage pipe were Texas rat snakes. However, Tori didn’t know that at the time. She also probably didn’t know that they’re generally pretty docile and non-venomous.

Most people know that snakes don’t have to be dangerous to be intimidating. Texas rat snakes are no exception. They can get up to five or six feet long. Additionally, they whip the tips of their tails to imitate the sound of a rattle when they feel threatened. So, no, they aren’t dangerous but they’re still not the kind of critter you want blocking your path.