Texas High School Students Decorate Christmas Trees for Local Veterans

by Michael Freeman
Real American soldier & family holiday portrait.

It’s the season of giving and a Texas high school is really getting into the holiday spirit lately. After decorating a number of Christmas trees, they then gifted them to local veterans.

KIIITV reported Veterans Memorial High School is decorating more than 30 trees for local veterans. This isn’t a one-time occurrence either, this year being the fourth time the school has done so. Called the annual Christmas Parade of Trees, different sports teams and organizations decorate the trees. To keep things interesting and fun, each tree has a different theme. To top it off, once the trees are finished, the school gifts them to local veterans in the community.

Veterans Memorial High School is changing up its usual formula this year though. Typically, they reach out to local military organizations to find veterans. However, this year, they are asking the community for its input to find local heroes.

Tatum Hagen, a teacher at the Texas school, loves the project and believes it positively impacts her students. “Our students and our staff enjoy this tradition,” Hagen said. “We love to keep it going. It brings the Christmas spirit here, and the holidays here on campus. We display these trees every year, they’re new trees every year.”

Here’s hoping other schools and institutions adopt a similar policy to honor our country’s heroes. If you happen to know a local veteran or are one yourself and would like a tree, Hagen encourages you to email her at [email protected].

Florida Power Company Helps Give Injured Marine Veteran a Christmas Miracle

While some institutions like Veterans Memorial High School are helping veterans with things like Christmas trees, other organizations have their own way of honoring them. For instance, a Florida power company decorated more than an injured Marine’s tree and decked out his whole house.

Florida Power & Light is the company in question and teamed up with the Bravard Veterans Council to really brighten up a local Marine’s Christmas. Florida Today covered the story, stating Josh Frey and his family were gifted the multitude of Christmas decorations. FPL volunteers, along with some of Frey’s veteran peers, adorned his house with LED lights, solar candy canes, and even an inflatable Santa. The military-themed gift-giver wears camo fatigues and includes a “God Bless America” sign. Frey’s family also received Christmas gifts.

“All right, all right, all right,” Frey said to the group helping decorate his house. “I don’t even know what’s going on, but thank you… You’re gonna catch a Marine crying. It’s a little overwhelming. This means the world. It truly is something special. We live in a beautiful place and a beautiful community … I felt like I was forgotten for a lot of years. I don’t feel forgotten now.”