Texas Millionaire ‘Mattress Mack’ Sends 40 Trucks of Supplies To Hurricane Ida Victims

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

A Texas millionaire decided to help those in need after Hurricane Ida left many in need. He sent 40 trucks of supplies over to Louisiana.

Furniture store owner Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale and his Gallery Furniture employees packed those trucks and hit Interstate 10. According to a report from “TODAY,” McIngvale is known for opening his store’s showroom floors and letting people sleep there.

“Certainly during our hardships with Hurricane Harvey, people from all over the country rallied to help Houston,” McIngvale said at a press gathering. “Now it’s our time to rally and help the people of Louisiana.”

Hurricane Ida brought death and destruction to New Orleans, Houma, and other cities in Southeastern Louisiana. Once the hurricane did its damage there, Hurricane Ida continued north and eventually became a major rain event. Its tropical rains forced New York City to look at a flash flood warning for the first time in city history.

McIngvale has been a business fixture in Houston, Texas, for nearly five decades. Gallery Furniture’s main showroom is located in the north Houston area just off Interstate 45. That road connects Houston with Dallas and other cities in the United States.

Sports fans may also recognize “Mattress Mack” for placing large wagers on the Houston Astros. If he does win his bet, then those funds will go to the store and help cover fans’ purchases.

Many people are still without power in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Also, they are in need of food and shelter as well. McIngvale is not shy about sharing and helping others in need. When Hurricane Harvey drove Houston to its knees in 2017, “Mattress Mack” opened his store’s doors for safety and comfort. National Guard troops were seen sleeping on mattresses in the Gallery Furniture showroom. Hurricane Ida probably sent many Louisianans over the border to either Beaumont or even Houston.

If they got as far as Houston, then Gallery Furniture probably allowed them to stay there.

Don’t be surprised if other trucks are packed up with supplies. That is just an outpouring of McIngvale’s heart toward those in need. This is something McIngvale, a man of faith, does day in and day out when there is a need.

Northeast Explores Costs Of Damange Caused By Massive Storm

As we said, Outsiders, this mother of a storm really socked it to the Northeast. New York City and the states of New York and New Jersey faced massive rainstorms in the wake of Hurricane Ida.

Officials said that the storm’s aftermath would put costs at $40 billion and rising for repairs. That’s for all areas affected by Ida and her remnants.

The New York Post reported cleanup work continues.