Texas Plane Reportedly Crashes Near Fort Worth, Five in Hospital

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

A single-engine plane carrying five people crashed right outside of Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday, hospitalizing the pilot and all of the passengers.

Fox News reported that the identities and medical conditions of the five people remain unknown at this time. A witness did tell local station KTVT that four people were up and walking around after the crash. The fifth person stayed inside the plane but was “coherent and talking” while waiting for help to arrive.

The plane crashed on the shoulder of Interstate 20 in the town of Hudson Oaks. Located 24 miles outside Fort Worth, Hudson Oaks has its own airport, which the single-engine plane flew toward. But the plane engine lost power for an unknown reason. It hit a utility line before crashing onto the road.

KTVT reports that the Federal Aviation Administration will be investigating the case of the crash.

A local CBS news outlet also covered the plane crash. They reported that the plane ended up flipped on its top after crashing. It occurred right around 7 p.m. local time, and at 10 p.m. emergency vehicles were still on the scene.

Per a witness report to this CBS outlet, three of the five passengers in the plane were actually children. If that’s the case, it’s likely that a family went up in the skies for an evening flight in the single-engine plane. Luckily, the CBS outlet reported that everyone seemed to be “okay” following the crash.

A Separate Plane Crashed in Texas Earlier This Month

On Oct. 19, a plane crashed at the Houston Executive Airport in Brookshire, Texas, and burst into flames. Miraculously, all 21 passengers escaped the plane and only two people suffered minor injuries, according to Fox News.

The passengers were flying to the playoff game between the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox. But the plane never took off, failing to attain elevation. The pilots baked instead, running off the runway and hitting a fence.

National Transportation Safety Board member Michael Graham told Fox News that the plane left 1,200 feet of tire marks on the runway before it stopped.

“There was a heavy braking event, which appears to be an aborted takeoff, so we do know that the brakes were effectively working before the aircraft exited the runway,” Graham said at a media briefing.

Graham told reporters that investigators would be looking into the two pilots and the plane’s mechanics. Apparently, this specific aircraft hadn’t flown once this year, last taking off in December 2020. Part of the investigation will look into the upkeep and maintenance of the plane since that time.

A puff of smoke also appears to come from one of the two engines while the plane braked on the runway. Investigators will study that video footage as well.