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Salon Owner From Texas Now Running for State Senate After Being Jailed for Defying Coronavirus Shutdown

by Chris Haney
Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

The Texas salon owner that was jailed for defying coronavirus lockdown orders is now running for the state Senate. Shelley Luther, owner of Salon a La Mode in Dallas, TX disagrees with Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s statewide mask mandate. In fact, Luther calls the regulations “ridiculous.”

“I feel like if a business owner wants to require a mask to come in, then that’s their right,” Luther said on Saturday.

Luther’s salon requires their clients to wear masks, because of how close hair stylists must get to their clients. She understands that’s the nature of the business, but Luther thinks business owners should have the right to make that decision for themselves.

Luther defied her local COVID-19 shutdown orders in May. Therefore she was jailed for less than 48 hours for opening her business during the lockdown.

Salon Owner Still Firmly Against Further Lockdowns

After her short stint in jail, Luther is still just as defiant over the matter. Accordingly, she has decided to run for the Texas state Senate so she can represent others that share her viewpoint.

“People should be able to make decisions for themselves,” she said. “There needs to be a special [legislative] session called and this needs to be discussed with other people who can create laws for this. Not just be a king or will turn into a communist state, and we can’t do that.”

“I’ve had thousands of people reach out to me. I think people are really yearning for a real person in government,” she said about her decision to run for office.

The salon owner is not against all lockdown orders, but would do things differently if she was in charge. Luther said she would have supported a 30-day temporary shutdown at most. After the temporary lockdown she said she would determine “what is safe enough to go out or in.”

“If people want to take the chance to go somewhere [without a mask], that is absolutely their right to do so,” Luther said.

Luther defended reopening her salon back in May after being arrested. She said that other businesses nearby were open and thriving while her salon remained closed.

Her arrest became a rallying cry for some conservative activists and Republican politicians who were against lockdown regulations in Texas. Yet, Texas still reopened more quickly than many other states.

Luther said she received praise and donations from several people after the incident. In addition, she appreciated being acknowledged by President Donald Trump, and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Cruz even visited Luther’s salon to show his support by getting a haircut himself.

Luther is running for an open seat in Texas’ 30th Senate District against multiple other candidates.

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