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Texas Toddler Saves Entire Family From Devastating House Fire

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Ty O'Neil/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A 2-year-old boy rescued his entire family of seven from a fire that destroyed their house. Did someone say future firefighter?

According to the matriarch of the Texas family, Kayla Dahl, on January 15, the toddler, Brandon Dahl, walked into his sleeping parent’s bedroom.

“He tapped me on my feet in bed and was coughing and saying, ‘Mama, hot. Mama, hot.’ I turned around. I looked and all I saw was flames in the doorway,” she explained.

Kayla revealed that she and her husband were recovering from COVID-19, causing them to lose their sense of smell. Without that sense, the couple could not smell the smoke that traveled through their home. She sees her young son as the reason the family was all able to escape the flames.

“Everything is gone. We lost my car. Everything inside the house. Brandon saved us. He was wrapped in God’s arms to help protect him and to make sure that our entire family was able to get out,” said Kayla.

Kayla and her husband believe the gas heater in the home’s living room caused the fire. They also said that the fire alarm in their home only went off once they escaped.

After Brandon warned his parents, the family quickly escaped thanks to Nathan Dahl. Nathan is a six-year volunteer firefighter who regularly prepared his children for a fire. He taught his children to avoid hot items, like the stove. He also prepared them for quickly escaping the house in an emergency.

Thankfully, Brandon Dahl waking up his parents amid the fire saved the entire family from the raging flames.

Educating Families on Fire Safety

Because Brandon was able to wake up his parents and Nathan Dahl educated his children on fire safety, they managed to make it out unharmed. The more families know how to respond to these emergencies, the faster they will be able to make it out safely.

According to the Fire Administration, families should keep children at least three feet away from anything that could heat up. This includes space heaters, ovens, and stovetops. It’s also crucial to keep children away from lighters and matches, as well as remind them that they’re not toys.

When it comes to making a fire escape plan, parents should make sure their kids know at least two ways to get out of every room in the home. The Fire Administration says that a specific plan should be in place for children who cannot get outside by themselves. They also say that parents should teach their kids what it means when the smoke alarm goes off. These warnings include picking a spot outside the house so everyone in the house knows where to go once they make it outside.

The U.S. Fire Administration helps the fire department increase community awareness on preventing fires in residences. They also work with the media to get fire prevention messages into news stories. The administration works hard to find out about the latest research on fire detection, putting out fires, and fire notification systems.