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Texas Weather Forecaster Confesses ‘Her Sins’ on Facebook, Later Found Dead

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images)

A Texas weather forecaster, Kelly Plasker, was found dead on Sunday, following a Facebook post giving her “final confession” sins. The post recalls a relationship with her band director, referencing his inappropriate “grooming” of her which led to “total manipulation.”

To conclude the post, she tells her friends she loves them, adding “I cannot take it anymore.” Soon after her final status to Facebook, Kelly Plasker took her own life.


Earlier on Sunday, the forecaster for KCBD11 wrote a brief Facebook status saying her love was not enough. Plasker then wrote her longer, final status explaining her traumatic relationship and inability to continue.


“Kelly was that spunky weather girl every Saturday and Sunday morning on Newschannel 11,” KCBD11 says in their tribute to the lost co-worker.

In the tribute, Karin McCay recalls a time in which Plasker shared a personal tragedy with her: her son’s suicide. In 2018, Plasker’s son tragically took his life 2 weeks before his 20th birthday. “It’s very difficult for those of us who knew him to comprehend why” he “felt so alone that he made that choice,” Plasker said of the situation.

“Now, this weekend, our sweet Kelly took her own life,” KCBD11 writes. In a video the channel posted, a previous social media post by Plasker begs others not to commit suicide. “Please, don’t let those dark thoughts linger. You don’t have to be alone,” she says through tears.

Her Facebook post now has over 3k likes. Comments made early Sunday morning give phone numbers, asking her to call to talk through her emotions. Others tell her to “please take great care” of herself and encourage that she “will get through this period of time.”

As time passed following the post, comments begin to heighten in fear for her safety. Comments like “If anyone here knows where she lives, please go check on her now. Not kidding” and “When someone has physically checked on her please update us. My heart is in my throat… ” began to add up as people grew anxious about her safety following the eery post.

Following the announcement of her death, more heart-breaking comments flooded in, wishing they could have helped. One tragically reads, “Kelly I’m so so sorry I failed you. Why didn’t I see this sooner? I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry” More comments continue to appear below the post. Notes of “RIP,” sharing prayers, and emphasis on the community’s love for Plasker fill the comment section.