Texas Woman Wins $300K from Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine in Airport

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

It is often said that “gambling doesn’t pay.” Well, for a Texas woman playing a “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine, gambling really did pay.

According to a report by FOX 5 KVVU-TV of Las Vegas, the tourist was using the slot machine inside the McCarran Airport as she was killing time before her flight home. The slot machine was located in the B Concourse of the airport.

The tourist, who has only been identified as Megan H. by airport officials, hit a big jackpot on the machine. She reportedly won $302,000. Megan H. traveled to Las Vegas from Flower Mound, Texas. Who knows if she had any luck at any of the city’s many casinos, or if she even played? Either way, Lady Luck was with her at the McCarran Airport.

The online FOX 5 KVVU-TV report also included a tweeted video of Megan H. hitting it big. It’s no surprise that she is very excited. Who wouldn’t be? Check out Megan H. and her moment of victory below.

There was also a photo of Megan H. after she won the money. You can check that out below.

There were several individuals who congratulated Megan H. on her good luck and her $300,000 jackpot. They shared their thoughts in response to the above tweet on McCarran Airport’s Twitter account.

“Congrats, Megan, and enjoy your winnings (don’t forget the taxes)! Think I contributed to that machine in late December (and many times before). Glad someone cashed in…” one user posted.

“Put $200 in this machine just days ago. Happy I could make my contribution :-)” another said.

There was also this funny tweet: “Too bad the machines don’t pay coins anymore. Would have been a heck of a flight!”

Flying home with $300,000 in coins would have certainly been difficult. Good thing, Megan H. was able to collect her winnings another way.

Three Contestants Have Won $1 Million While Competing on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

While “Megan H.” won her $300,000-plus playing a “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine, there are others who have won big money while appearing on the television show that inspired said machine.

In fact, there have been three contestants who have won $1 million during their appearances on “Wheel of Fortune.”

The contestant who has won the largest prize in the history of the show is Autumn Ernhard. She won $1,030,340 during 2013. She solved the final puzzle of her episode when she only had four letters to work with. The solution to that final puzzle was “Tough Workout.”

According to an article on Radio.com, the other two $1 million winners during the history of “Wheel of Fortune” are Michelle Loewenstein and Sarah Manchester. Loewenstein won her million dollars during 2008 when she solved the puzzle “Leaky Faucet.” Her total winnings that day came to $1,026,080. Manchester won $1,017,490 when she appeared on the popular game show during 2014. The solution to her final puzzle was “Loud Laughter.”