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Thanksgiving Day Train Accident Results in ‘Multiple People Killed’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images)

Thanksgiving Day concluded in tragedy in Kansas Thursday evening when a train and a car carrying two individuals collided.

The Sun states the crash between the vehicle and the Union Pacific train took place around 6:30 p.m. Miami County, Kansas Sheriff’s Office stated both of the car’s passengers were killed. No one on board the train itself, however, suffered any injuries.

For now, Miami County Sheriff Captain, Matthew Kelly, said it’s too early to determine the actual cause of the crash. However, authorities have stated, “it doesn’t appear to be a malfunction of the train or the crossing.”

At the moment, neither local authorities nor The Sun had further to report on the incident. However, as more information becomes available, be sure to check back here Outsiders.

Americans Hit the Road for Thanksgiving Holiday

Kansas saw one major tragedy as two Americans died in the Kansas train crash during their travels on Thanksgiving day An uptick in travel this time of year logically explains the tragedy. However it also likely leads to more unfortunate events such as this.

This year, the pandemic has slowly faded from daily international headlines with almost 200 million Americans alone now vaccinated. As a result, travel this year skyrocketed.

Ahead of this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations, AAA estimated a massive total of 53.4 million Americans would travel during the holiday season. Despite increased prices for both gas and airline tickets, people are desperate to return to normal after the cancelation of family traditions over consecutive holidays.

Since then, professionals have made major strides in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic following its inception nearly two years ago. However, the CDC still insists those unvaccinated should not travel this holiday season. As many recall, the delta variant has introduced a new, more aggressive strand of the virus. With this new version of the infectious beast, case numbers have returned to pandemic-era heights.

So, while this Thanksgiving saw a decrease in travel restrictions among the virus, Outsiders should still remain cautious as new cases strike daily.

Airlines Receive Major Flack Among Ongoing Staff Shortages

In line with the uptick in travel ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday this year, many Americans experienced frustration as airlines, again, canceled a number of flights due to staff shortages.

As a problem that has plagued the industry since travel reopened, airlines continue to see rising anger and frustration among patrons. And travel ahead of Thanksgiving this year saw just as many cancelations as we’ve seen since early October.

One airline, in particular–American Airlines–canceled thousands of flights between Halloween weekend and November 1st.

The result? An onslaught of insults, anger, and grief was directed at the company. And as people traveled both the day before and the day of Thanksgiving, it makes sense airlines nationally would see major confusion. However, it appears patrons are conveniently forgetting about staff shortages and the usual holiday travel uptick overall.