Thanksgiving Power Outage: Over 60,000 California Homes & Business Left With No Electricity

by Shelby Scott

The holidays signify an emphasis on time spent with family embracing the moment. On the other hand, for many Outsiders, they also signify an uptick in chaos and stress. However, stress doesn’t even describe experiences felt by American families in California this Thanksgiving. Ahead of strong winds posing threats for electrically-sparked wildfires, 60,000 homes and businesses endured a mass power outage amid holiday celebrations.

According to the Daily Mail, customers in Southern CA saw their electricity cut by the state’s largest utility provider, Edison International, at 10:36 local time on Thanksgiving. While the mass power outage posed inconvenience and stress to Americans within the region. However, the utility company’s efforts came as a way to avoid blazes stricken by live wires. The decision came as an intense wind storm struck the region.

Here in the Northeast region of the country, Americans experience rapidly dropping temperatures and potential accumulations of snow. Simultaneously, the news outlet states voluntary power outages have become normal for residents throughout the Western region of the U.S. The practice comes after a series of wildfires resulting from the company’s equipment.

Wildfires Endure Well Into Fall

Prior to Edison International’s decision to voluntarily shut off power, an 18-acre brush fire ignited earlier Thursday morning. Fortunately, no one was injured. However, the United States Storm Prediction Center claims these are “fire weather” conditions.

Heading into Friday, authorities advised CA residents to remain informed about current conditions. Residents must also prepare to evacuate should the time come. Nevertheless, hopefully, the windy conditions soon ease up, allowing utility crews to head out and check equipment for wind damage before concluding the voluntary power outage.

As climate change intensifies, 2021 alone saw the destruction of more than 3.1 million acres of California lands. The damage comes as a result of more than 8,000 wildfires just this year.

Giant Beaver Causes Mass Power Outage

As we well know, in such a digital and electrifying era, humans are dependent upon normal, functioning electricity. And for those in California, we can only hope things soon return to normal among the holiday power outage and ongoing wildfires.

However, in another Western state, Logan, Utah residents experienced quite a surprise when one fuzzy culprit caused the interruption of electricity to about 1,000 homes. While we attribute power outages to a variety of things, including even the above voluntary power outages, we don’t expect to experience the interruption courtesy of a giant beaver.

According to authorities, one powerful beaver chewed through a massive tree which sent it careening into nearby powerlines.

Fortunately, once crews identified the culprit, utility workers moved quickly to restore power to the UT region. Afterward, officials humanely captured the large creature in an effort to move it to an area more suited to its daily habits. Hopefully, those efforts prevent any unique power outages such as this from happening again.