‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Explained How His Childhood ‘Dream’ of Being a Scientist Never Came to Be

by Keeli Parkey

Had he not become famous for playing Peter Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” actor Christopher Knight might have taken a very different career path. In fact, as a child he wanted to be something very different than an actor when he grew up.

The now 63-year-old actor talked about his childhood dream during a November 2019 interview on “The Doctors.” The interview was part of a segment titled “Can You Anatomy?”

He was prompted to share his childhood dream when he was asked: “During grade school, how well did you in science class?”

“I did very well in science class,” Christopher Knight said as he gave a double thumbs up.

“The Brady Bunch” star actually enjoyed this subject in school so very much that he wanted to make a career out of science.

“Matter of fact, I wanted to actually be a scientist,” Christopher Knight also said. “Wanted to wear the lab coat. Wanted to have the beakers, the Bunsen burners. That was my dream.”

Life being life, this is not how things played out for the former child star. Another profession – and fame – came calling.

“But then, I got segued off into acting and all that,” Knight also shared. “So, never got to be a scientist.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Was Also Asked If He Wanted to Become a Doctor

In addition to sharing his ambitions of becoming a scientist, “The Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight was also asked to share if he ever had dreams of going into another profession?

“Did you ever want to be a doctor?” the actor was asked. Turns out, he didn’t want to have a medical career when he was a child. However, as an adult, he realized it would be very useful in his personal life.

“I imagined myself working in a lab. I was fascinated by how things worked,” Christopher Knight also said. “Only later did that become how the body worked. And now, it’s just all I do all the time is understand why things hurt in my own body. So, I should have been a doctor.”

Speaking of the medical profession, the show also wanted to know if this star of “The Brady Bunch” ever had a medical emergency. “Did you ever go to the ER when you were younger?” Knight was asked.

“I did go to the ER once,” he also shared. “I fell off my bike, but open my chin, and got stitches. And was fed ice cream. So it was worth it.”

You can watch “The Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight talk about how he dreamed of being a scientist here. He talks about this at the beginning of the interview. He also discusses other topics in the interview, including the time he was misdiagnosed with a brain hemorrhage.