The Grinch’s Cave for Rent Quickly Sells Out Before Christmas

by Chase Thomas
(Photo By Getty Images)

Who doesn’t love The Grinch? Not just loving the books and the stories and the movies involving the Dr. Seuss legend, but loving him and the stories enough to want to stay in the cave where the fictitious character also lived? Didn’t know that was an option in Boulder, Outsiders? Well, it is, well, was, an option as The Grich’s cave was up for rent but quickly got booked up before Christmas.

We’re serious.

Vacasa, the renting company that partnered with Dr. Seuss Enterprises, put together a spot to rent in Bouler, Utah for folks who wanted to live like The Grinch.

The cave occupied 5,700 square feet and folks gobbled up the bookings as fast they could. Even better, the lucky folks who booked the cave before they quickly filled up will get greeted with a note from The Grich himself. Who saw this coming? The cave went all out.

The note reads, “I myself, unlike every other Who, am getting out of town this year—far away from all the holiday hoopla with its fanatical, fantastical fa la la la la, la la la la-ing. Am I stealing Christmas again? Maybe. Am I visiting my Florida beach home? Don’t worry about it.”

So the Grinch dipped out of Utah and headed for warmer pastures this holiday season.

The note added, “That’s right.” It continued, “The legendary rocky residence of the world’s most famous Who-villain can be your very own holiday hideaway. The halls of my entire cave are decked with all my favorite things—and Max’s, too, of course. Vacasa will take care of everything (because I have no interest or time for that).”

Perhaps this will be a yearly thing in Utah. Future families will get an opportunity to live like The Grinch lived.

Why ‘The Grich’ Star Returned to Comedy

It’s hard to forget just how memorable and electric Jim Carrey was as The Grinch years ago. Dating back to Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber, comedy has always been the veteran actor’s calling card. However, in recent years he has opted for more serious roles and branched out from the comedy roles that so many folks fell in love with.

However he returned to his roots in Sonic The Hedgehog as the villain there. He told Rotten Tomatoes, “I’ve been doing some serious stuff and then something like this comes along and it’s just an opportunity presented to me by the universe.”

So the veteran actor is open to comedy. It just has to be the right fit. He concluded, “It’s really kind of fun, it’s really kind of great. It’s a part of me that never leaves – you know, people don’t have to worry that I’m never going to have that part of my brain, that just wants to have some silly fun.”

You can watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas on Amazon Prime.