The Internet Thinks a UFO ‘Death Star’ Went Flying Past the Moon: VIDEO

by Jon D. B.

Conspiracy theorists are having a heyday with this latest UFO sighting, which the internet is now describing as a full-on “Death Star.”

STAR WARS was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, right? So why are so many convinced they saw the Death Star pass by Earth’s moon recently?

Footage made public by self-professed “skywatcher” Драгана М. Реџић – Нови (Dragana M. Redzic) shows the startling sighting. Within, Redzic’s camera watching the moon locks onto a round object racing across the lunar surface. The shadow it leaves is massive – then it disappears into the darkness of space.

She spotted the object on August 23, 2021. Now, YouTube channel Hidden Underbelly 2.0 is bringing mass attention to the “Death Star”-like UFO. Check out the footage for yourself below:

This footage was filmed by Драгана М. Реџић – Нови on August 23, 2021 around 1:20am. While this Skywatcher was filming the moon this object flew into view and not only can we see the UFO but we can see its shadow on the moon’s surface.

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0

Hidden Underbelly 2.0 describes the footage as follows: “While she (Dragana) was filming the moon, she caught this object going across the moon’s surface at speed. Because if you can imagine how big the moon is, this thing is traveling pretty fast.

“If you look at the object, you can see it’s casting a clear shadow on the moon’s surface,” they continue. “Now, could this be one of the many probes that are up there?I feel that this thing is moving a bit too fast to be a probe. What do you guys think?”

Using a Nikon COOLPIX P900 digital camera, Redzic captured what many conspiracy theorists believe to be a bonified UFO. Others, however, believe it to be a tail-less asteroid.

Internet Hive-Mind Goes Ballistic over ‘Death Star’ UFO

“When it can cast a visible shadow on the moon’s surface it has to be MASSIVE,” replies top commenter josoapification to the footage. “That is definitely in my opinion a very big craft.”

This has to be a “massive ship if it’s real, something the size of a Death Star,” another YouTube user cites, bringing the STAR WARS mythology solidly into play.

“Seems extremely large as well as fast. Too big to be a probe in orbit. It would have taken quite a rocket to move it from earth to lunar orbit,” details commenter Gregory Bowe.

“A massive UFO or a meteor doing a close flyby just missing the moon,” someone else chimes in.

Others aren’t buying it, with YouTuber Husky Passion saying the footage has to be “CGI.”

“The shadow is in the wrong place to begin with, it would place the sun in daylight but it’s clearly night time,” Passion says.

Whatever the case, the world is certainly beginning to take UFOs much more seriously in light of recent U.S. Military releases.