The Killers Playing ‘Mr. Brightside’ at NFL Monday Night Football Halftime Is Going Viral

by Outsider

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and The Killers feel fine. They just played one of their biggest hits, “Mr. Brightside,” during Monday Night Football for the Las Vegas Raiders.

“Hello, we’re The Killers, and it’s our pleasure to welcome the Raiders to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada,” said frontman Brandon Flowers ahead of a rousing performance. It took place on ESPN. “I think we’ve got just the song for the occasion.”

Flower launched into the tune, which confused some on social media. It was likely a bit jarring, since “Mr. Brightside” is a 2003 tune. It became a hit nearly 20 years ago. Nevertheless, folks were into it. The performance has since gone viral.

The Killers perform “Mr. Brightside” during Monday Night Football

Though The Killers’ performance was a bit confusing for some, that didn’t keep many from enjoying it.

Some even went so far as to call it the “greatest halftime show ever.”

It seemed the sentiment was nearly unanimous among those who tweeted about the event.

The city of Las Vegas was all for the performance.

From the reactions online, it certainly seems like, after all this time, the song is still well-liked by listeners of all stripes.

Here’s hoping we see more performances in this vein going forward.

[H/T: Twitter/jtylerconway]