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The Marine Corps Has a New Helicopter That Has ‘3D Laser Inspection Technology’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ralf Hirschberger/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Advanced technology has made a lot of previously impossible things, well, possible. While that entails current luxuries such as FaceTime, which, in the hit TV show “The Jetsons” seemed a hyper futuristic feat, society has gone beyond even that.

Last week, the United States Marine Corps celebrated the completion of its very first completely digitally designed helicopter.

Among other technologically advanced attributes, the brand new copter boasts 3D laser inspection technology allowing it to maneuver low visibility areas, among other remarkable additions.

Connecticut Boasts its First Heavy-Lift Helicopter

While the brand new technologically advanced helicopter lies in the hands of the U.S. Marine Corps, the latest output of heavy-lift copters comes from the Eastern state of Connecticut. According to Fox News, the new aircraft is the first Connecticut-built heavy-lift helicopter of its kind.

The outlet further stated Sikorsky, credited with completing the latest military accomplishment, celebrated the achievement at its Stratford, CT facility last week. Deemed the King Stallion, the new helicopter, officially identified as CH-53K heavy-lift helicopter, enables troops to pursue a variety of impressive and intricate feats.

Perhaps most importantly, the new helicopter allows troops to withstand longer-range missions in poor environments. Additionally, the Marine Corps intends to use the new craft to armored vehicles, equipment, and personnel overall. These uses further intend to support ground operations deep inland in less than ideal regions.

Marine Corps Plans to Use New Craft in “Heavy Lift” Support

Overall, the King Stallion copter is intended to provide troops heavy-lift support from the sky. Of the endeavor, Deputy Commandant for Aviation Lieutenant General Mark R. Wise provided a brief summary of the craft’s purpose.

Wise stated, “The CH-53K helicopter provides advanced capabilities allowing Marines to get anywhere in the world where the mission requires heavy-lift logistics support.”

Further, in addition to maneuvering low visibility environments, the news outlet stated the aircraft can deploy Marines faster and more effectively. This provides ground troops essential support in a lessened amount of time, ever crucial in unfamiliar territory.

For now, as Sikorsky works toward the completion of additional CH-53K helicopters, this debut aircraft resides in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The Marine Corps plans the helicopter’s first deployment for 2024.

U.S. Navy Mourns Deaths of 5 Sailors

While Connecticut recently celebrated its incredible new aircraft, U.S. Navy Sailors across the county are mourning the deaths of five of their crewmates.

On August 31st, five Navy Sailors lost their lives as their helicopter crashed into the USS Abraham Lincoln during a landing approach. Reports claimed the aircraft had violently been shaking side to side, indicating issues with the helicopter’s rotors.

Following the crash, personnel witnessing the crash deployed search and rescue teams. Unfortunately, however, several sailors remained missing and authorities called off the search.

What makes matters worse is the crash was a result of a routine flight operation. The helicopter in question, an MH-60S Seahawk, is used frequently, in combat, rescue operations, and in aiding efforts during natural disasters.

Regardless of the cause, Outsider mourns our fallen sailors and continues to keep their families in mind.