The Meaning Behind the Rings Gabby Petito Was Selling Before Her Death

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

Halloween just passed and you would think, with that, spooky topics would be seeing their way from headlines. However, in the latest regarding Gabby Petito, the previously missing 22-year-old murdered by manual strangulation, the case surrounding her death and disappearance only becomes more haunting. Now, as further details emerge surrounding the young woman’s personal life, latest discoveries found she had sold knock-off GucciGhost rings. And as to their symbolic meaning? Well, that’s the haunting part.

While Gabby Petito’s knock-offs appeared surprisingly authentic, the genuine GucciGhost rings go for between $260 and $290. According to the name-brand company, the product serves as “a mix of two cultures–a juxtaposition of the past and the present.”

And as we well know from ongoing investigations, both Petito’s past and present in connection to Brian Laundrie appear concernedly haunting.

Additionally, we often associate skull images with the dark and bleak. However, across time and cultures, they also frequently represent death and human mortality. Several months after Gabby posted her spooky ring set, the young woman proceeded to disappear, her remains found not long after.

About a month later, authorities also discovered what were revealed to be skeletal remains belonging to Brian Laundrie.

For skeptics following the case, little connection seems apparent between the ring set and the young woman’s demise. However, for those knowledgable of the haunting symbolism, we must admit the latest discovery is pretty chilling.

Haunting Imagery Surrounds Gabby Petito’s Case

While Gabby Petito’s ghostly ring set presents strange perceptions regarding her death and disappearance, she wasn’t the only one with relations to imagery based around the dead.

As we know, much of Brian Laundrie’s social media accounts featured incredibly chilling, often terrifying artwork, images, and quotes. And though his Instagram account was recently shut down, The U.S. Sun reports the deceased fugitive’s Pinterest account accumulated a massive 10,000 followers.

And his posts? Well those saw a certain fixation on skeletal images, death, and dying. One Pin featured the quote, “Life was Ok…” while we might recall images and artwork shared across Instagram featuring bloody, gory depictions of suffering characters and individuals.

Further, internet sleuths previously pointed out a disconnect between Gabby Petito’s collection of Instagram posts versus the final post shared on her page.

While the image seems reasonably innocent, the caption reads, “Happy Halloween” and came days before she disappeared in August. Followers of the young woman’s account shared a collection of sentiments regarding the post and her disappearance.

“This was not Gabby,” wrote one user. Another, written prior to the discovery of Gabby’s remains, wrote, “I have a bad feeling as to what happened, but even if there’s any shred of hope, I hope you’re found safe.”

Another suspicious follower of Petito’s wrote, “It’s kinda creepy this reference to Halloween. It’s not even close to it, he posted this.”

Often, especially throughout this case, social media and internet sharing can be incredibly telling. Now, as investigations continue as to the cause of Brian Laundrie’s death, perhaps our ever reliable internet sleuths can provide further insight and potential theories.