‘The Purge’ Tweets Hit Twitter After RNC

by Jacklyn Krol
the Purge Trends after RNC

The especially popular horror film and television series franchise, The Purge, trended on social media after the first night of the RNC (Republican National Convention) on Monday (August 24).

The Purge and RNC

President Donald Trump and son Donald Trump Jr.’s speeches didn’t go over how they intended.

Altogether, “The Purge” quickly began trending on both Twitter and TikTok. Some users pointed out that a pre-recorded video that was played had an almost identical backdrop to the set of the movie. Users were also concerned by the speeches and worried if the fictitious annual event could happen in real life.

The dystopian horror franchise’s premise is centered around the idea that all crime, including murder, is legal for twelve hours.

Actor Colton Haynes even joined in on the trending topic. He created a TikTok to poke fun at the event. The Arrow alum used a clip from the event with the siren to indicate the start of The Purge, playing in the background. He then runs around his house trying to get out while coming across his cat. Despite his panic, he did not grab his poor cat who was left in the hallway.

Surprisingly, people found the trend funny and amusing and shared a mixture of memes, videos, and jokes.

See the reactions, below.