‘The View’ Rotating Guest Hosts After Meghan McCain Departure: See Full List Here

by Megan Molseed

The popular ABC morning talk show, ‘The View” has long been a supporter of differencing stand-points.

Following the exit of “The View’s” longtime conservative co-host Meghan McCain, the ABC show will continue to highlight the differing viewpoints. Even as the show invites a variety of guest hosts to fill in for McCain in the show’s upcoming season.

Meghan McCain announced she was leaving her seat on “The View” this summer. And, with the announcement, the popular talk show was yet again faced with an open seat. One that producers, and audiences, alike knew would need to soon be filled.

However, not long after Meghan McCain’s midsummer announcement, producers of “The View” announced that they were in no hurry to find a permanent host to fill in for the exiting host.

Instead, “The View” producers have opted to invite a variety of special guests to fill in for McCain; as the show prepares to begin its twenty-fifth season on the air.

Of course, the show’s producers have made sure to invite guest hosts who will continue to represent the female conservative voice. The same voice McCain has been known for during her run on the show.

“The View” Prepares For A Variety Of Stand-In Hosts

First up, Mia Love. Love is a former Utah representative. She will be the first guest host to join the hosts of “The View” when the show returns the first week in September.

“The View’s” September 7 premiere will also mark the first time the popular morning show hosts will be fully in-studio in over a year. The first time since the COVID-19 sheltering orders were given in March 2020.

Other famous names scheduled to step in to fill McCain’s vacant spot include former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice; and broadcast journalist, Gretchen Carlson.

Also slated to join “The View” stars Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines in the twenty-fifth season of the popular morning talks show are lawyer, talk show host, and reality television star, Eboni K. Williams; and writer and journalist, Mary Katharine Ham.

Additionally, “The View” will feature Carly Fiorina, Former White House Director of Strategic Communications, Alyssa Farah, “Southern Charm” reality television star Cameran Eubanks; and political commentator and television host, S.E. Cupp as guest hosts in the upcoming season.

An Exciting Milestone

“The View’s” executive producer, Brian Teta notes that in addition to the exciting lineup, “The View” will be celebrating a pretty big milestone. Twenty-five seasons on the air.

“Twenty-five years is such an incredible milestone,” Teta told the Wrap of the upcoming season.

“We have so much planned to honor this amazing platform that Barbara Walters created,” Teta continued. The producer added that many former hosts will be stepping back onto the stage in the upcoming season.

“I can’t think of a better way to kick off that celebration,” Teta said.

Teta mentioned that”The View’s” twenty-fifth season will also include the return of some of the show’s favorite past hosts.

“We have some truly exciting plans to celebrate this anniversary all season long,” explained the executive producer. “We’ll be inviting back all of our legendary lineup of former View co-hosts,” Tetra added. “As well as taking a little time to find our next permanent co-host to join the panel.”