This Abandoned Italian Home Is Carved Into the Side of a Mountain

by Anna Dunn

There’s an isolated Italian home built into the side of a mountain that’s been abandoned for over 100 years. The fascinating home looks like it was grown into the mountain. And how it was built and who lived there still remains a bit of a mystery. But there’s a pretty solid guess.

The abandoned Italian home rests nearly 9,000 feet above sea level in the Dolomite mountains and is somehow embedded right into the rock face. People are confused about how men could even make it up to the side, let alone build there. Most think the property was constructed in World War 1. During that time, soldiers would often construct little shelters to hide away and store essential supplies.

Apparently, some very handy Italian Soldiers built the shelter to rest from Austro-Hungarians. And where better to do that than a nearly impossible to reach mountainside. So it makes sense why the home blends in so much, and why it’s in such an odd location. They could also use the concealed place to store supplies.

But it was also a good place for them to rest and hide from the turmoil of war as well. The house was equipped with a place to make food as well as places to sleep. It’s unknown just how long people lived in there, only that it’s been abandoned.

It’s definitely not a traditionally built home you’d see on Home Town, but it clearly served an important purpose during an impossibly difficult time.

The Italian Home is Incredibly Hard to Access

They were probably only able to access the shelter with rope ladders and cable carts. There’s also a very intense mountain trail, that is very risky to ascend. Apparently, the climb includes dangerous steel ladders, ropes, and cables.

The photos show a small wooden shelter. Inside, you’d never guess it was actually built into the side of a mountain, barely accessible by foot. Only people who were both incredibly brave and physically strong could actually hike up there.

The old home even has two old chairs outside. Though, it would take a pretty brave soul to sit out there. It’s unbelievably steep. The home is also in disrepair. Some of the photos show that snow has fallen in through the collapsed roof. And there’s quite the mess inside, with old pots and a broken-up bedframe as well as a broken old chair.

Still, after 100 years, it’s shocking the place isn’t more weather-worn. The entire front of the place is still relatively intact. The abandoned home is truly a fascinating sight, and it’s just one of the many historical relics that may be out of reach, but we can seriously appreciate over some awesome photos.