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This ‘Doughnut UFO’ Sighting Will Twist Your Brain Into a Pretzel

by Josh Lanier
(Photo Via Getty Images)

How about a doughnut to go along with that flying saucer? A Swedish man recently shared a photo of a “doughnut UFO” hovering above Sweden, and the internet isn’t sure what to make of it.

On Nov. 8, the SpaceX Endeavour punched through the atmosphere as it brought home four astronauts from the International Space Station. The returning rocket arced across the sky, leaving a trail through above the Gulf Coast.

At the same time, someone snapped a photo of a glowing orb above Sweden that they assumed was the Endeavour. A Twitter user with the screenname @Eavix1Eavix tweeted the photo to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to ask if the “doughnut ufo” belonged to him.

“@elonmusk hopefully was the SpaceX Dragon capsule and not a doughnut ufo invasion,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. LiveScience archived a screenshot of the image.

What is it? No one knows, but it’s not the Endeavour. It would be “almost impossible” for people in Sweden to have seen the SpaceX craft, Marco Langbroek a researcher from Leiden University in the Netherlands said.

“Any passes [of Endeavour] over Switzerland prior to landing that night would have been completely in Earth’s shadow, i.e. it would not be illuminated by the sun and hence not visible,” he told LiveScience.

But is it an alien craft? Probably not.

“I am pretty certain that the ‘donut UFO’ on the Swiss images is an out-of-focus image of a bright star,” Langbroek added. “It quite looks like it.”

Whatever it is, it looks delicious.

Former Air Force Captain Says Aliens Disabled 10 U.S. Nukes

Former U.S. Air Force Captain Robert Salas said he and several others had an experience with a UFO at a top-secret military facility in the 1960s, but the government covered it up.

Salas explained to The Sun that he worked at an underground nuclear launch facility at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. On March 24, 1967, he was the on-duty officer at the facility when something out of this world happened.

“I was in charge of 10 nuclear missiles at the time when a UFO came over and hovered over our facility …,” he said. “I was underground 60 feet, locked into a concrete capsule. It was reported to me directly by those guards. While the object was up there, we lost all 10 missiles due to guidance and control failure.”

Salas said no country in the world had the technology at that time to disable ICBMs remotely like that.

“This object, whatever it was, would have had to send a signal to each missile separately and disable the guidance system,” he explained. A similar incident happened eight days earlier at another top-secret nuclear launch facility, Salas said.

Capt. Salas said he reported the incident to his superiors who told him it wasn’t a drill. They didn’t know what it was either. Shortly after that conversation, he claimed a government official told him he could never speak of the incident publicly.

Salas speculates that aliens wanted to send us a message.

“This was a demonstration by an object of extra extraterrestrial origins and I don’t say that lightly,” he said”I think it was simply a message to all of us on Planet Earth that we need to rid ourselves of nuclear weapons.”