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This Farmer Is a Marketing Genius, He Built a 6-Acre Beer Maze

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Mert Alper Dervis/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

It’s finally time for apple picking, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. While that’s exciting enough as it is, one farmer decided to take it a step further. All in all, it’s a marketing move that is beyond genius and innovative.

A Lehighton, Pennsylvania farmer had an idea that would help get more people to his farm at this time of the year. Foothill Farm is offering a beer maze instead of your typical corn maze or even jump scare maze.

Inside of his massive six-acre maze will be local breweries hidden with tasting stations set up. In order to make it through the maze successfully, you’ll have to make it to each of these stations.

“There will be six stations, two from Half Barrel, two from Seven Sirens, and then we have Insurrection Distillery going to do a fall cocktail that you’ll find inside,” PJ Salerno, the owner of the farm, said to BRC 13.

Hopefully, those beer samples aren’t too large. Otherwise making it through this maze is going to slowly get more challenging the more stations you find. Tickets to get into the maze are only $25 and the event is on September 25 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

In addition to the maze, the farm will be hosting different live music and games for people to take part in outside of the maze. There will also be more beer being sold that will be in plain sight and not just a tasting.

The event is going to showcase some of the amazing distilleries in the area, such as Seven Sirens Brewing Company.

See video of the Foothill farm here.

Craft Beer Experts and Fall-Themed Beers

At this time of year, breweries put out some delicious, tastefully seasonal beers to add to their normal selection.

From pumpkin stouts and ales to refreshing apple hard cider, there’s plenty of styles to choose from. All in all, it signals a shift from the lighter, fruitier lagers to a more rich and robust menu of beers. As colder temperature sneaks into the forecast, heavier and darker beers are suddenly that much more enjoyable.

Craft brewers go above and beyond at this time of the year. Some of those large companies also offer items you’ve likely already spotted on the shelf. For non-beer drinkers, Angry Orchard has a Fall Haul mix on the shelf. Bud Light also came out with a mix of seltzers that are fall-themed. That includes pumpkin spice, toasted marshmallows, maple pear, and apple crisp.

Elysian has a pumpkin variety pack available featuring seasonal beers and spooky artwork.

If you walk into a liquor store, Oktoberfest is likey going to be the word you see scattered on dozens of bottles and cans. Brands are embracing the traditional gathering and coming out with delicious brews, this includes brands like the Sierra Nevada and Goose Island. There’s also plenty of pumpkin ales lining the shelves. Southern Tier Brewing stepped it up with a cold brew coffee Pumking Nitro this year to mix beer lovers with pumpkin spice coffee addicts.