This Ford Ambulance Was Converted Into an Awesome Camper

by Megan Molseed

One innovative Ford E-350 owner has traded in the former ambulance’s lights and sirens for some state-of-the-art camping gear and some off-roading capabilities.

A good way for a first-responder vehicle to head into retirement you could say! Trading in the non-stop life of rushing off to emergency after emergency for a life traveling some of the most beautiful areas in the world; taking it easy amid the beauty that is nature and relaxing in the great outdoors.

We all love to see a good renovation. Repurposing one item into another item with an entirely different purpose is a fun remodel to witness.

And, decommissioned ambulances offer an amazing platform for a variety of innovative creations. Just like this Ford E-350 that was rebuilt into an impressive camper.

A New Life For A Very Important Vehicle

This modification was done on a former Ford ambulance that includes a 7.3-liter V8 diesel engine. According to the specs on the modified vehicle, the odometer reads at 102,000 miles overall. A small amount for a turbodiesel engine such as this one, experts say.

Among the modifications made to the decommissioned ambulance is an off-road kit that raises the camper about six inches. This gives the vehicle enough room for 35-inch tires. Now, the well-built vehicle can go anywhere! Additionally, a custom aluminum bumper is added to the former ambulance. This gives the unique camper an impressive off-road look.

One of the most unique pieces of the modified camper is the fact that the camper area is far from any “custom” camper model. Instead, the new look includes the original box as the camper area. However, the roof was expanded a bit in order to provide living space.

“It had lots of surface rust and I spent a solid week under there with a grinder and needle scaler removing it,” the vehicle’s owner says of the unique remodel.

“Most of it still looks pretty good after a year of salt,” the description continues. “Fortunately the box is all aluminum so it won’t ever rust.”

Giving the Ambulance An Impressive Facelift

The inventive owner went on to note the changes to the former ambulance’s outer looks.

“The next thing you might notice is the roof raise and the fact that it no longer has any ambulance lights,” Jalopnik reports the vehicle’s owner explains.

“I raised the roof using 2×2 aluminum tubing and 1/8 thick aluminum sheet,” the statement adds.

“I tried to use the same sized materials and stitch welding technique originally used on the ambulance box so it wouldn’t compromise the structural integrity.”

According to the vehicle’s description, the owner made sure to fill any of the holes left by removing the ambulance lights.

“I also removed and patched a couple dozen light holes,” the statement reads. “To eliminate the possibility of leaks and achieve a cleaner look.”