This Man Who Lives on Top of a Volcano Has a Wild UFO Story

by Shelby Scott
Cloud hanging on Mt. Shasta, Northern California

Living at the summit of California’s extinct Mammoth Mountain volcano has its perks. These include anything from mass amounts of alone time to otherworldly UFO sightings. That said, one CA resident has a unique UFO story to share that totally has us hooked.

61-year-old Vincent Valencia has spent 18 years supervising Mammoth Mountain’s Ski Area gondola operation. However, when not on supervisory duty, Valencia has plenty of time alone to search the skies. Occasionally, his observations include unique weather patterns and UFOs alike.

IHeartRadio reports that Mammoth Mountain often experiences intense weather, with whiteout conditions common during the state’s winter months. At times, harsh conditions present 184-mile-per-hour winds and minus 30 temperatures.

Needless to say, the weather extremes are unique to the Mammoth Mountain resident. However, more notably, Valencia shared with the Union-Tribune a 2009 report where he saw a bright white UFO.

As per his statement, “a bright white orb flew in low from the northeast at treetop level, maneuvering along valleys and gorges before disappearing behind a ridgeline.”

Of the experience, Valencia concluded, “It was one of those things you can’t explain, and something I will never forget.”

Scientist Studies Brains of Those Who’ve Reported UFO Sightings

UFO sightings have a way of hooking Outsiders and pulling them in, regardless of their authenticity status. That said, one scientist has endeavored in studying the brains of individuals who have reported UFO sightings.

The esteemed scientist, Stanford University’s Garry Nolan, possesses a long and incredibly impressive resumé boasting his academic and professional feats, all of which have contributed to his unique research.

Further, we’ve learned Nolan didn’t initially possess an interest in the UFO category, but was approached by federal representatives after debunking one YouTuber’s infamous alien theory. Specifically, the CIA and aeronautic companies alike enlisted the academic’s help among numerous UFO mysteries.

First, the agencies wanted to do blood tests on said individuals and Nolan supposedly had “the best blood analysis instrumentation on the planet.” Additionally, he studied MRI results from the same individuals and what he found was rather telling.

In his research, he shared that many who’ve experienced UFO sightings show evidence of brain damage. Overall, he stated, “You didn’t need to be an MD to see that there was a problem. Some of their brains were horribly, horribly damaged.”

Essentially, he found that those who reported UFO sightings within his study had scarring similar to those individuals that suffer from multiple sclerosis. However, instead of presenting as damage, the scientist found that the “white blobs” presenting on the MRIs were actually densely connected brain tissue. Further, the unique forms were located in the area of the brain that navigates intuition and split-second decisions.

Altogether, his findings present a unique addition among the UFO enthusiast community.