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This NASA Astronaut Had a Gorilla Suit Sent to Him in Space: VIDEO

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Ray Tang/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Over the years, several different monkey species have been sent into space on a handful of successful (and sadly, unsuccessful) missions. You’ve probably never seen a gorilla astronaut, though. At least not until now anyway.

Screenwriter Todd Spence shared a wild clip that’s been resurfacing of a NASA Astronaut whose brother sent him a gorilla suit along to the International Space Station. This astronaut was Scott Kelly. You can probably see where this is going.

The viral video that originates from NASA’s own archive shows Scott Kelly chasing Tim Peake who is presumably “swimming” for his life. We’re talking the speed of light here, but can you really blame the guy?

You can watch the hilarious clip here:

So where did the gorilla suit come from anyway and why did Scott Kelly do this on the International Space Station? Apparently, it’s rather simple. Kelly received the ridiculous costume as a birthday gift and just wanted to have “a little fun.”

Some More Space Humor for You

The James Webb Telescope made history when it successfully launched into space on Christmas Day. The instrument stands as the largest, most expensive, and most powerful telescope that NASA has ever created and aims to unlock some of the universe’s biggest secrets. Still, that launch was only the beginning of a very long, very complex space journey.

So far, the telescope’s journey has been peachy and the project has hit all of its planned milestones. Most recently, one of those milestones involved fully deploying sunshield blockers to protect against both heat and light. But that’s enough technical space talk. Let’s get into some light-hearted Twitter debauchery.

The official NASA account for the Webb Telescope tweeted this photo to hilariously celebrate its successful deployment. It shows that the Telescope has “blocked” each of the NASA accounts for the Sun, the Moon, and even Earth.

Check it out:

The Moon responded saying, “Seems like the newest telescope in space is going through a phase. But we get it @NASAWebb. Your future’s so bright you gotta wear shades.”