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This New Jersey Veteran Has Sent Thousands of Pounds of Homemade Beef Jerky to Troops Overseas

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Wendy Maeda/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

A New Jersey Marine veteran has turned a hobby into thousands of pounds of homemade beef jerky for overseas troops.

Marine veteran Jim Ewen told News 12 that he started Jim’s Jarhead Jerky 11 years ago. Now, the man is shipping pounds of the stuff overseas. 

Ewen said he started it with his daughter to stay “occupied” when his son-in-law deployed overseas. Tim, the newly-married husband, was sent out only three weeks after his wedding. Ewen said father and daughter started sending Tim care packages, and Ewan made sure to include his homemade beef jerky.

Now, he’s turned his love of jerky-making into a thriving business in Medford. He lists supporters like TABASCO and Kikkoman as supporters on his website.  

According to his website, Ewen served in the Marines from 1972 to 1978. He served at Marine Barracks 8th & I Washington, D.C. According to ABC 6, he started his Marine service at 18 and served in one of the highest divisions which supported the White House.  

Requests Came In For Veteran’s Jerky

After Ewen sent those care packages, he started getting emails from Tim, other Marines, and other soldiers.

He told the TV station that he donated 2,000 pounds of the jerky he made in his kitchen in 2011.

Now his jerky is in stores and shipped worldwide. It’s sold online at www.jimsjarheadjerky.com. 

Currently, he’s got maple bacon jerky, sriracha bacon, smokin’ lava beef jerky, smoked applewood jerky, hickory-smoked jerky, and loose jerky. He also sells some snacks like buffalo wing nuts and honey mustard crunch pretzel bits.

Servicemembers Grateful For Ewan’s Jerky Contributions

Over the years, the former Marine had met folks who got his jerky over the years. He said one time that “four young men in civilian clothes” saw his company banner on a table. One man asked if he was the jerky guy from New Jersey, and Ewan said yes.

The man thanked Ewen and said the men had his jerky in care packages. He keeps a massive binder of thank you notes from servicemembers. 

Ewen showed ABC 6 a letter from former President Donald Trump. Trump recognized his work.

That love Ewen gets from servicemembers and veterans sustains him. He likes having a purpose. He told the TV station that he “likes making someone’s day a little brighter” and “that’s the good stuff.” 

Another Veteran Makes Jerky Name For Himself

United Airlines handed out free jerky to passengers on Veterans Day flights out of Washington’s Dulles International Airport. 

According to WTOP, the jerky came from a veteran-owned company.

Former Green Beret Nate Kouhana started Ennis, Montana-based Anthem Snacks. Anthem donates 10 percent of its profits to veteran and first responder nonprofit organizations. 

The airline also handed out jerky at the Denver airport that day.