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This Particular Lincoln Penny Is Worth Up to $400,000: Here’s Why

by Matthew Memrick
(Harold M. Lambert/ Getty Images)

Sure, most pennies are just worth one red cent, but this particular Lincoln penny is worth up to $400,000.

It’s all about the mistakes with this 1955 coin. At first glance, something seems odd, as if maybe it’s a joke coin. But when you see “In God, We Trust,” “Liberty,” and “1955” all doubled on the obverse on the coin, you’ve hit paydirt.

The New York Post reported on the valuable error you could have in your pocket right now.

A Little Penny Backstory

Since the 1900s, U.S. mints churn out these Lincoln pennies. Some have distinct designs, including the memorial cent and the union shield in reverse. If you come across a wheat ears design on a penny, know that could be valuable.

But there’s a few thousand that could bring in thousands if you get the right one.

So, what is it about this wheat ears cent? Victor David Brenner designed the first penny, the first to leave the U.S. mints for consumer use. The coin shows two ears of wheat on each side of the reverse. Also, “one cent” is the big font, and the smaller “United States of America” is stamped on the coin.

What makes it rare is its Bronze/Copper composition? This particular coin hit the streets in 1943, and its original steel metal was wrong. Only 20 exist.

Other Lincoln Penny Version Worth More Than a Pretty Penny

There are other rare Lincoln pennies with the wheat ears design. A VDB or Victor David Brenner one had a $2,222 price in November. 

Mint employees took the VDB initials off the coin. Some thought the initials were free advertising to the designer.

Another Lincoln penny, called 1914, could be worth around $3,673. That coin has a D on it in the lower corner. There were only 1.2 million of this particular coin made. The famous Philadelphia minted one had 75 million dropped into circulation.

Finally, the coin fans know the most famous mistake, the 1955 version, can bring big bucks. Some have gone for a $16,644 value on them. This “double die” version has its stamped words doubled on the observe side of the coin. Reportedly, the Mint struck a working hub and working die together while slightly rotated differently.

Do You Have The Lincoln Penny Of Your Dreams?

You may have one of these precious coins, but it may come down to grade and condition. Recent sales could be a bellwether for how much you’d get on the open market

The New York Post reported on one 1914 D Lincoln selling for more than $1,600 on eBay. Another 1914 Lincoln D coin pulled in more than $900 a few months ago.  

According to USA Coin Book, the 1914 D Lincoln penny could be worth up to $3,764 if in an “uncirculated (MS-63)” grade.

Other notable Lincoln pennies sold for over $2,000 (VDB) and $1,500. Coin pros say that VDB could go for up to $2,277 if it has that “uncirculated (MS-63)” grade. 

Three Double Die coins sold for $1,825, $1,801 and $1,552 on eBay. If they had that “uncirculated (MS-63)” condition, they could each be worth more than $17,000.

Finally, if you’re curious about that 1943 Bronze/Copper Lincoln wheat cent, it sold in a 2019 auction for $204,000.   

If only it had the “uncirculated (MS-60)” grade. That one has a value of $399,635.