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This Rare $5 Coin Just Sold for a Ridiculous Price

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo illustration by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

A rare $5 circulated 1891 Carson City (CC) coin, which was designed by Christian Gobrecht and features Liberty on the front and a half eagle on the reverse, reportedly sold for nearly $1,200 during a recent online auction.

According to The Sun, after picking up 22 bids, the CC coin sold for $1,178. This means that the currency is now worth more than 23,000 times its original value. It is made of 90% gold, and 10% was copper. It was noted that from the late 1700s to 1929, the U.S. mint produced half eagle coins. Professional Coin Grading Services, David Akers, revealed that the 1891 currency is “more common” when compared to other half-eagle coins. However, it is still very valuable. 

Akers shared that the currency is also much more common than the lower mintage 1981. “But because of the popularity of Carson City coins, the 1981-CC is generally priced higher.”

The professional coin grading services then declared that the 1981-CC is available in a wide range of grades. “There are many choices and even gem-quality uncirculated pieces in existence.”

The media outlet further revealed that more than 200,000 CC 1891 currency were minted compared to the 61,360 of the Philadelphia version of the currency. The difference between the two coins is that the Carson City’s version has a ‘CC’ mark below the eagle on the coin. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia coin doesn’t have the mintmark. 

Although the CC currency sold for $1,178, the value of the currency in online auctions actually depends on the grade and condition of the currency. Although 1891 CC pieces are listed on eBay, buyers should be cautious when it comes to dealing with potential fakes. The buy just needs to look at the seller’s history and determine if the currency is certified in the listing. 

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Rick Harrison, who is the star of History Channel’s Pawn Stars, recently discovered a rare coin. He explained that it was an 1879 Stella $4 coin. According to Harrison, the gold pieces are considered incredibly rare because the U.S. Mint never issued them to the public. Harrison continued to explain that the currency gets its name from the big star on its backside. Stella is notably the Latin word for “star.” 

Harrison offered a little history lesson on the Stella gold piece. “In the 1870s, the US Mint was trying to come up with a universal currency. They were going to try to get every country to make a gold coin with the same amount of metal in it.” 

The Pawn Stars star went on to add that the mint was pressed a little over 400 of the coins and handed them out to members of Congress for approval.