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This Ridiculously Expensive Ferrari Simulator Puts You in the Formula 1 Driver’s Seat

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

A recently-designed Ferrari simulator will cost you a pretty penny, but it can put you in a Formula 1 driver’s shoes for less money.

This used simulator will only set you back $55,000 at the online auction house. Are you still listening? Jalopnik reported on this rare find recently.

The simulator is up on eBay right now, and it’s considerably less than the millions it takes to put together an actual Formula 1 Ferrari. 

Not Your Average Ferrari Simulator

According to Chase Your Sport, the average Formula 1 Ferrari car costs about $12.2 million, just the engine valued at $10.5 million.

What makes this simulator great is that it’s a full-size Ferrari F1 car shell. Also, if you have $55,000 at home, you’ve probably got the square-footage room in your house to hold this bad boy.

The eBay listing’s thin on simulator details, but the pictures give it justice. There’s a three-screen layout for a panoramic track view, an F1-style steering wheel with more than a few bells and whistles, a keyboard, and a desktop PC.

And when I said it was used, it didn’t sound too used. It was built in 2021, so expect the latest gaming hardware to be modern.

The Ferrari simulator seller’s in Manchester, United Kingdom, so you’ll have to get either a cargo ship or a Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules (or something smaller) to carry it to America.

But if you want that Formula 1 racing thrill, it may be your safest bet out there. According to One Stop Racing, some replica cars go from $25,000 to $7.5 million on the market.

Son, You Might Have Better Luck Buying A NASCAR Car 

NASCAR cars sell for a little cheaper on eBay. And simulators, too. 

You can already buy the 2020 Toyota Camry NASCAR Race Car for $89,000. It’s an authentic Michael Waltrip Racing NASCAR race car with current track day road course configurations. The engine is a 58-cubic inch TRIAD Racing TRD V8 with electronic fuel injection. 

Some of the car’s impressive features include a removable steering wheel, MPI driver’s seat with Schroth Racing harnesses, and a roll cage for those real racers who want to be Intimidators in their own right.

You could wreck this car and buy 139 more (if there were that many) for the cost of that one authentic Formula 1 Ferrari car. If you want to drop millions on a fancy racing car, that’s something to think ponder. 

Shoot, the NASCAR simulators are way cheaper, too. This Richard Petty simulator could fit in your three-car garage/man cave. Maybe. The car comes from a North Carolina speedway. The owner claims the electrical equipment and hydraulics work, and he’s selling it cheap for $1,700.