This Walmart Employee Quitting Over the Loudspeaker May Be the Worst Ripping Anyone’s Ever Given Their Bosses

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Most of us have had at least one bad job in our lives where we wanted to tell our employers how we really felt, but didn’t. A Walmart employee in Louisiana, however, had no problems doing so, and in a rather flamboyant way.

Beth McGrath, an employee at a Louisiana Walmart, became tired of working there. However, instead of merely quitting, she let the entire store know her thoughts on the company and its management. Using the store’s loudspeaker, she not only called out the store on its practices but recorded it and posted the video to her Facebook page.

“Attention Walmart shoppers and associates, my name is Beth from electronics,” she begins. “I’ve been working at Walmart for almost five years and I can say that everyone here is overworked and underpaid. “I’ve been working at Walmart for almost five years and I can say that everyone here is overworked and underpaid.”

Beth then goes on to criticize the store and directly calls out some of her superiors on their behavior. “The attendance policy is bulls–t. We’re treated from [sic] management and customers poorly every day. Whenever we have a problem with it, we’re told that we’re replaceable.”

“I’m tired of the constant gaslighting,” McGrath continued. “This company treats their elderly associates like s–t. To Jarred, our store manager, you’re a pervert. Greta and Kathy, shame on you for treating our associates the way you do. I hope you don’t speak to your families the way you speak to us.”

Beth’s video exploded on Facebook and TikTok, though that wasn’t her intention. She states she merely wanted to be a voice for her mistreated peers.

Entire Restaurant Staff Quits and Leaves a Sign on the Door Explaining Why

Though Beth McGrath’s method of quitting her Walmart job is rare, her doing so has become increasingly common. In fact, a restaurant’s entire staff recently quit, leaving a sign on the door saying why they did so.

Barberitos employees in Macon, Georgie all simultaneously quit last week. Citing terrible working conditions and being underpaid, the staff members were tired of the way they were being treated.

“Store is closed,” the sign begins. “Whole staff as quit do to under pay and lack of appreciation. WE HAVE WORKED 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR THE PAST MONTH AND BARELY ANY TIME OFF. WE ARE SO SORRY AND LOVE YOU ALL! Old barbs family, out.”

A Barberitos restaurant spokesperson told WGXA the sign’s claims were “not true.” The spokesperson continued to say coronavirus hit the restaurant industry hard, not to mention another restaurant in the area recently hired six of their employees. Replacing the former employees’ sign with a help wanted one, they hope to have a full staff by next week.