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Thomas Rhett Reveals Why He and Wife Lauren Akins Sought Marriage Counseling

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images)

Country music superstar Thomas Rhett is opening up about the moment that led to him and his wife, Lauren Akins, seeking “therapy.” The “Die a Happy Man” singer spoke out during an interview with The Bobby Bones Show on Friday.

While discussing Akins’ newly released memoir, Live in Love, Rhett, 30, says that there were several parts “where I wish I wasn’t made out to look like such a jerk.”

“There were certain parts in our marriage where I was a bit jerky, especially through the adoption — not that any of this was my fault,” Rhett said.

Rhett explains that he and his wife hit ran into difficulties during the adoption process for their 4-year-old daughter Willa Gray. At the time, Rhett was touring stateside while Akins, who was also pregnant at the time, was in Uganda.

“Lauren called me because it was 9 o’clock in the morning in Uganda and … she hears all of her friends in the background. Meanwhile, Lauren is seven months pregnant and throwing up in a bathroom in Uganda,” Rhett said. “That was when Lauren was like, ‘We are living two completely separate lives right now.’ “

He continued by adding: “That was a really humbling experience for me, just knowing what she was dealing with in a sense of aloneness while I’m kind of living life as usual. That part was really hard for us, for sure. Kind of getting over that and going through some therapy, especially over that one night.”

Thomas Rhett on His Marriage After Therapy

Despite the hardships of that moment, Thomas Rhett says he and Lauren came out stronger than ever.

“Coming on the other side of that, I feel like I learned so much from that experience,” he said. “It made me know that, in a marriage, you do have to figure stuff out. You have to talk about it. You’ve gotta be real about it. You’ve gotta be honest about it.”

In conclusion, the father of three explains that he hopes that his love story with Lauren may inspire others. “Hopefully, there’s somebody else reading that chapter going, ‘Man, I’ve been in that same position. If they can work it out, we can work it out too,’ ” he said.

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