Thousands of American Law Enforcement Officers Donating Armor and Gear To Ukraine

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

Law enforcement officers from all across the country are stepping up in a big way to show support for the people of Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. These officers are donating body armor and other gear designed for protection to the people of Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine several weeks ago, Ukrainian law enforcement – and civilians alike – have found themselves running out of available gear.

Key Points

  • Law enforcement officers all over the U.S. are donating resources including body armor and other protective gear to the Ukrainian people.
  • The effort comes as the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association partners with a variety of local law enforcement organizations.
  • Among the items being donated are body armor, helmets, and goggles, thus providing Ukraine with the necessary gear.
  • The donations come from the law enforcement officer’s collections.

Law Enforcement Officers From All Over the U.S. Are Donating Personal Body Armor and Other Crucial Gear To Ukraine

Thousands of law enforcement officers from all over the country are donating personal body armor, along with a variety of other personal protective gear items to the people of Ukraine. These donations come as Russia continues to occupy Ukraine, weeks after the invasion. Consequently, the need for such items grows direr and direr as the invasion rages on.

“We want to make sure that these counterparts overseas have the resources,” notes Larry Cosme during a conversation with Fox News.

“And we’re supporting them to make them a safer nation,” adds Cosme who serves as the president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA).

The FLEOA is the largest nonpartisan federal law enforcement association in the entire U.S. Thus, the association is working with a variety of agencies all across the country.

The non-profit organization is working with both local and federal law enforcement agencies in the effort. Additionally, the ultimate goal is to make sure the safety equipment gets to the people of Ukraine as fast as possible.

The Body Armor and Other Safety Items Officers Are Donating Come From Personal Collections

The FLEOA notes that among the items being donated are a variety of body armor vests and supplies. Many of these items include helmets; vests; goggles; gloves; boots, and medical supplies. Moreover, the only thing not included on this list seems to be weapons of protection. Cosme is quick to note, this is because weapons cannot legally be transferred.

Each law enforcement officer is personally donating each of these items. Additionally, many of these items come from their own personal collections.

“It’s an overwhelming response,” Cosme says of the efforts.

“We can’t keep up with the pace of the amount of equipment we are receiving,” Cosme adds of the seemingly unending stream of donations coming in for the effort.

The FLEOA is working with the New Jersey-based Blue to Blue & Yellow to send the donations overseas. The donations then will transfer to the Ukraine American Coordinating Council and the Return Alive Foundation. Finally, the gear heads into the hands of Ukrainian citizens.