Thousands of Donations for Ukraine Fill Shipping Container

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

Thousands of donations for Ukraine have filled up a shipping container being repurposed by the CEO of Moto Leader Global. Lukasz Dziewulski, CEO of Moto Leader GLobal, is from Poland and has almost a dozen Ukraine refugees staying at his home there now. It was important for Dziewulski to help those in Ukraine, so he has even taken a shipping container to use for donations.

“Our clients in Poland and Ukraine stopped buying vehicles so I have the empty container, so I have to do something,” Dziewulski said. “So, me and my partners decided to move the cars that we are usually loading every week for the next vessel and use the empty containers to try and help those people, and that’s what we are at, [what] we’re doing here — we’re trying to help.”

At a Glance

  • Moto Leader Global and CIL Capital have been collecting donations since last week.
  • Over 2,000 items have been donated for Ukraine citizens and refugees.
  • The companies have already shipped off one container full of donations.

Ukraine Needs Any and All Donations

Moto Leader Global and CIL Capital started collecting donations for Ukraine because they knew that citizens and refugees of the country were in need. Since then, hundreds of people have been dropping off items. Blankets, warm clothing, toiletries, ready-to-eat foods, diapers, batteries, and flashlights are all popular items that have been donated so far.

Thousands of donations have been pouring in, including more than 2,000 items that have been bought from an Amazon wish list.

“I’m very impressed. It’s way more than we were expecting, I was thinking maybe we were going to fill a full container, maybe not. Maybe we are going to use our money to go to Walmart or different stores and buy some food to fill the containers, but right now we have at least two containers,” Dziewulski said.

Items needed in Ukraine may change from day to day, but all donations help. Ready-to-eat food will always be needed. According to WECT News, power banks are also needed, as Ukraine is having a lot of problems with its infrastructure.

The first donations container shipped on Friday, March 11. The next container will be dropped off on Monday, March 14. Other projects in the US are also shipping much-needed supplies to Ukraine.

To Donate

Items can be dropped off at two locations:

  • CIL Capital, 805 N. 23rd Street, Wilmington, NC 28405
  • Moto Leader Global, 1270 Cedar Hill Road, Navassa, NC 28451

For the week of March 14th, donations can be dropped off Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There is also an Amazon wish list for those that cannot donate in person.

Pet donations are also needed. Paws and Claws Animal Hospital is accepting donations during business hours. They can be dropped off at 202 Giles Ave., Wilmington, NC, 28409.