Three Dead Following Horrific Plane Crash Into Minnesota Home

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

Three people are dead after a small plane reportedly crashed into a Minnesota home on Saturday (October 1st) after taking off from Duluth airport.

According to CNN, all three people who were killed were on board the small Cessna 172 plane when it crashed shortly after takeoff. Authorities in Hermantown, Minnesota received word just before midnight from the Duluth International Airport’s control center that the aircraft had left the radar. Its last known location was about a mile south of the airport. 

Come to find out, the small aircraft had crashed into a home in the Hermantown area. It hit the second floor of the home. The plane then rested in the backyard of the property after the crash. Authorities noted that the two occupants of the home, Jason and Crystal Hoffman, were not injured in the incident. The city of Hermantown identified the three people who died on the plane. They are Alyssa Schmidt, her brother, Matthew Schmidt, and the pilot, Tyler Fretland.

The plane crash left a hole in the house’s roof and brought down a section of the second floor. Authorities have not released what caused the aircraft to go down. The incident is currently being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

Minnesota Homeowners Recall What Happened After a Small Plane Crashed Into Their Home 

While speaking to KSTP, the Hoffmans spoke about what happened after the plane crashed into their home. Jason Hoffman stated that he and his wife felt very lucky to come out of the incident without any significant injuries. 

“We were in bed,” Hoffman explained. “The plane hit directly above our bed. Anywhere around 18 to 20 inches above our heads. The ceiling did fall down on my legs, but light bruising. That’s it. My wife got one little scratch and a bruise. It’s a miracle. Lucky. Very, very lucky and heartbroken for those who didn’t make it.” 

The media outlet also reported that one of the victims in the plane crash, Alyssa, was a third-grade teacher at Echo Park Elementary School in the Independent School District 186. 

Jim Crace, Hermantown Police Chief, spoke to Fox 21 about the plane crash. “In this line of work you just, you’re kind of prepared for the unexpected at all times,” he shared. “But you never expect that that’s going to be the call you receive that night that there was a plane crash.”

The plane also hit four power lines prior to crashing into the house. Homeowners in the area were without power for hours after the crash. “The folks inside had to stay inside because there was live wires,” Crace continued. “So we had to have them stay inside for a fair amount of time until we got the power company to cut the lines and we could safely evacuate them.”