Three Fishermen Rescued Off Massachusetts After Eagle-Eyed Woman On Shore Calls 911

by Amanda Glover

While three Massachusetts fishermen clung to the nearest debris in freezing waters, a bright-eyed woman called the authorities.

The three fishermen survived out there for almost one hour after their boat sank near the coast of Massachusetts. On Tuesday afternoon, the 55-foot Bing Bing took a deep dive nearly a mile from shore. It happened so fast that the crew didn’t have enough time to retrieve survival suits or make a distress call.

“The whole boat flipped over; I was thrown in the water,” crew member Joe Roderick told WCVB-TV from his hospital bed. Roderick spent time there while recovering from hypothermia and from swallowing saltwater and diesel fuel. The other two crew members also required medical treatment.

To stay alert in the 42-degree water, the fishermen made small talk with each other. “A million things ran through my head. Am I going to make it home to see my daughters?” Roderick recalled.

While at her desk on a work-related video call in her home in Marshfield, Pat Harght witnessed the boat sink. “It was large enough that I could see it was in distress, then I saw a large cloud of black smoke, then I saw the boat disappear,” she explained.

Harght even texted her mother and husband to ask if they saw anything related to the event. “Does anyone see this? Am I going crazy?”

The eagle-eyed woman assumed someone closer already alerted the authorities. As it turns out, she was the only one.

The fishermen will forever be grateful to her for saving their lives. “If it wasn’t for this woman, I probably wouldn’t be here,” Roderick said. And he was correct.

According to what officials told Harght, the fishermen had about 5 minutes left to live if she didn’t help.

Fisherman Chased by Sea Creature With Glowing Eyes

Well, Outsiders, it looks like the fishermen in Massachusetts weren’t the only ones experiencing bad luck this winter.

In a frightening video posted earlier this week, a Brazilian fisherman is chased through the sea by a literal bright-eyed sea creature. You’re not the only one thinking it; what we can see of the sea creature reminds us of Ursula’s pet sea creatures in “The Little Mermaid,” too.

An unnamed Brazilian fisherman bolted through the water on his motorboat as a mysterious sea creature tried playing Tag. As he motored off the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, he managed to record the event. The fisherman captioned the 47-second video: “Wanted to attack.”

The fisherman took off through the sea, desperate to escape the animal. From what viewers see in the video, The video shows a creature as a long dark-colored monster with glowing eyes.

The creature dives in and out of the sea, making its way closer to the speed boat. At one point, the sea creature catches up to the boat. However, the monster loses the race and vanishes back underwater.