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Three Men Claim They Came Across a Bigfoot-Like ‘Yowie’: ‘Feeling Was Overwhelming’

by Courtney Blackann

The age old debate about Bigfoot is one of lasting intrigue. Paranormal researchers from coast to coast have sought after the mysterious creature for decades – even creating podcasts and discussion groups over its possible existence. But whether or not you believe in Bigfoot is irrelevant. There’s a new creature upon us – and it may have been recently seen in Australia.

In what feels like a spooky tale made for campfire chats, three men are taunted by a ‘Yowie.’ This is Australia’s version of Bigfoot. (Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly a new creature, but we certainly hadn’t heard of it before). The Yowie is also definitely more ape-like in appearance.

The men, from the remote Queensland region, were heading to the Jimna Base Camp where they worked. This particular evening they spotted what looked like a very large, slouched-over creature. It was standing beneath a street light. As they drew closer, the thing noticed them. This left the men very unsettled – rightfully so, because this is the stuff of nightmares.

One of the three, Seamus Fitzgerald, said its limbs were very long – not human-like.

“We initially thought it was a boar or a really big animal until we got closer and saw it runoff in a very apelike way,” Fitzgerald said.

He went on to add:

“I’ve never really had a paranormal or strange experience like that before. I hardly slept that night and the feeling was overwhelming that I had seen something that I never believed in previously.”

Further, another witness from the car ride, Stirling Slocock-Bennett, said the whole experience was rather confusing. We imagine it would be, coming across a large, unknown beast in the dark.

Bigfoot and Yowie Similarities

“It definitely was a scary moment for me, as I said I was so confused and shook of what we were seeing, and as we got closer and closer it didn’t make sense like you’d hope,” he said.

The men attempted to go on a hike with some others to search for the Yowie (or whatever it was lurking) but they never found it – or any sign of it, which is somehow even creepier.

Interestingly, the Yowie is essentially part of Australian history. There’s even a committee called Australian Yowie Research which studies the animals and sightings of them. Reports indicate that Yowies share some similarities to Bigfoot. They possess orange-like fur, which is shaggy. They’re also massive.

Dean Harrison of the organization had an experience that convinced him of their existence. He says, “It was like nothing I had ever seen before in my entire life, I knew I had to move, and the moment I did this thing roared. I thought I was going to die, but then it started running ahead of me and so I veered away from the forest tree line.”

He adds:

“The woman I was on the phone to, heard the whole thing. It was a life-changing event, something you can’t let go.”

Of the workers’ experience, Fitzgerald said he was a skeptic about Yowies. But now he’s not so sure.

“I’m very intrigued to find out what other people have seen and experienced.”