Three People Injured in Shooting in Parking Lot of Illinois Six Flags

by Jonathan Howard

Just outside of Chicago, at the Six Flags Great America amusement park, three people were injured after a shooting in the parking lot. Shots rang out just outside the park. The news out of Gurnee, Illinois is shocking. There were three injuries, but thankfully no deaths. Those injuries have also been listed as non-life-threatening.

Parking Lot Shooting

  • Around 8 p.m. when the Gurnee, Ill., park was closing, a white sedan pulled up to a crowd when people got out and started to shoot
  • Police believe this was a planned and directed attack on a certain individual
  • Three individuals were shot in the incident with two of them going to the hospital for medical care
  • None of the injuries were life-threatening

It was around 8 o’clock at night when 9-1-1 calls went out about the shooting. Police responded to the parking lot. An investigation was opened up and still remains ongoing at this time. Gurnee, Illinois is about 45 miles north of Chicago. As of right now, the description they have is a white sedan.

The vehicle came into the parking lot, where it drove by a crowd that was outside of the entrance and exit. Several people got out of the car and started to open fire on another individual. It was apparently not a random shooting and there was an intended target.

“The shooting … was not a random act, and appeared to be a targeted incident that occurred outside the park,” the police said in a statement.

Among the victims, two were taken to a hospital. A third declined to be taken for treatment. Among the two that did take the ride to the hospital was a 17-year-old from Aurora, Illinois. There was also a 19-year-old woman from Appleton, Wisconsin. They both had been shot in their legs.

Police are continuing their investigation while park officials try their best to assist in the matter. They also had security personnel that responded to the incident. They helped keep parkgoers safe as they tried to leave afterward. There was a response from Six Flags in an official statement.

Six Flags Statement on Parking Lot Shooting

After the initial situation, Six Flags responded. In a statement, the park made sure to point out the response they had to the shooting as well as what they will do in the future as the investigation continues. The statement was released via WGN Chicago.

“Six Flags dedicates our greatest amount of time, talent and resources to safety and security. Layers of preventative measures both inside and outside the park are in place for the protection of guests and team members. We continue to review and enhance our protocol on a daily basis to ensure we are providing the highest level of safety.

“Cameras placed in the parking lot and inside the park, uniformed and plain clothes patrols throughout the property, and advanced screening technology allow us to react quickly and provide important information. The park security team is joined by the Gurnee Police Department, who operates a substation at the park.”

Hopefully, the victims can heal quickly and get through this ordeal. The investigation will continue. Six Flags has made it clear they plan to assist in that.