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Three People Shot in Kansas Dispute over Trump Yard Signs

by Chris Haney
Photo by KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images

On Saturday, three people were shot in North Topeka, Kansas after a home owner confronted a group of people he thought were trying to steal his political signs supporting President Donald Trump.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that the man assumed the people were the same individuals who previously stole his political signs. Police responded to an emergency call over the incident around 11 p.m on the 1300 block of N.W. Eugene.

Police Lt. Joe Perry said one victim was rushed to the hospital from the scene after suffering from a gunshot wound. His injuries are currently considered potentially life-threatening. An additional two victims with gunshot wounds later made their way to the hospital on their own accord, police said.

Although no arrests were made, Perry said two people were taken to police headquarters for questioning. Officials say an investigation into the shooting is ongoing. However, officials are not giving many details on the incident. As of Sunday, no further details on the shooter or the victims are known, including names and ages.

Many law enforcement agencies across the nation are said to be preparing for civil unrest and possible violence as the presidential election results are released in just a few days.

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Trump Flags Vandalized, So Man Creates Pro-Trump Hay Bales Instead

In a more positive outcome involving pro-Trump political signs, one Tennessee man got creative and painted a tribute to President Donald Trump on a bale of hay.

A few weeks ago, Red Boiling Springs resident Adrian Powell set some pro-Trump flags at the front of his farm’s property. But, not long after, vandals ruined the flags by cutting them up.

The same day, however, Powell had already begun to paint an additional tribute to the president utilizing a bale of hay.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘are you sure you did not use a stencil?’” Powell said proudly. “I said I freehanded it, the good lord must have been with me to make it happen.”

In addition, the farmer even received a friendly gesture from his neighbors who support Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The neighbors have a large Biden sign on their property, but Powell said they complimented him on his Trump hay bales.

“I think he put a lot of effort into it. I like his signs,” neighbor Linda McCrary said. “Like the fact that people are getting involved and letting other people know their thoughts.”

Powell said he will not be pressing charges against the vandals who ruined his Trump flags. In fact, he said they apologized and paid him back the cost of the flags. Powell hopes the teenagers learned an important lesson about respecting the property of others along with respecting differing viewpoints.

“We all have different political ideas and that sort of thing, but we all still get along and we’re all still neighbors. And that’s the way it should be,” explained Linda’s husband, George McCrary.