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‘Human Remains’ Buried at ‘Tiger King’ Zoo Revealed as Animal Bones: Report

by Hunter Miller

Police searched the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park on Friday. The authorities stepped in after cadaver dogs picked up the scent of human remains at the zoo made famous in Netflix’s “Tiger King.”

Earlier this month, the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” team brought in trained cadaver dogs to the zoo. Initially, the show planned on filming an episode there. However, plans shifted after the cadaver dogs picked up a scent.

A spokesperson from the Travel Channel spoke with TheWrap about the search. “Cadaver dogs were brought in as part of the team’s ghost investigation and did pick up a scent, which is currently being investigated further,” the spokesperson said.

Owner of the G.W. Zoo, Jeff Lowe, tells KOCO 5 the dogs “hit on a small alligator pond” that is no longer in use. Thereafter, the Oklahoma State Burea of Investigation and the Garvin County Sheriff’s deputies stepped in.

Sheriff Jim Mullett explains the authorities found no evidence of human remains after hours of searching the property. “We take it serious,” Mullett said. “We took our time and we looked around; looked in the pond and dug down.”

While they didn’t find human remains, the authorities did discover a small animal buried with no tail. Despite the results of the search, Lowe says he plans to bring dogs back to continue looking.

In June, the G.W. Zoo, previously owned by Joe Exotic (Joseph Maldonado-Passage) came under investigation after reported alleged animal neglect. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a statement on the issue.

PETA also released images provided by a whistleblower that reportedly show young lions with sores and an infestation called “flystrike.” The infestation occurs under unclean conditions when flies lay eggs on an animal and the hatching maggots gnaw at their skin.

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