Tim McGraw Speaks Out on Relationship With Former MLB Player Father Who Abandoned Him as Child

by Charles Craighill

On his radio show today, Tim McGraw opened up about his biological father who abandoned him at birth. According to McGraw, he discovered who his biological father was when rummaging through his mother’s closet. His biological father, Tug McGraw, played professional baseball but abandoned McGraw and his mother before meeting Tim.

“I was looking for some money in her closet and I found my birth certificate,” McGraw said on his radio show. “I looked at my birth certificate and it had Smith written in handwriting. And it had McGraw scribbled out. I read the rest of it and it said my dad was a professional baseball player.”

McGraw was only 11 years old when this happened. He talked about the confusion he felt and how his world flipped on its head as soon as he found this out. “Your dad had always been this truck driver cowboy guy that you know had his demons and did things he shouldn’t do,” he continued. “All of a sudden you find this birth certificate that says a whole ‘nother story about your life.”

Tim McGraw and his Father’s Unlikely Relationship

Despite abandoning him at birth, Tim McGraw still claims to have a relationship with his father. Albeit, the relationship isn’t great due to the circumstances, McGraw says that he has moved past any animosity. Of course, McGraw took a while to get to that point. As he says, “you can be bitter about it, there are plenty of times I have probably been bitter or let bitterness get the best of me.”

Now, Tim McGraw looks at the positive aspects he gained from the circumstances of his estranged father. For instance, the absence of his father left him with a drive and a dreamer’s attitude. It also left him with a fire and passion, knowing that he could accomplish what he wanted to if he worked at it.

“What I did get out of that, what he may never know he gave me, was this inspiration and this fire and this belief running through my veins that this was something special. If I only tried and reached for it, then maybe I could get it.”