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Tim Tebow Shares Emotional Story About Human Trafficking

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Tim Tebow used his star power to raise awareness about human trafficking. Through the Tim Tebow Foundation, the former NFL and current professional baseball player has been helping trafficking victims. Tebow recently spoke at a summit in Florida. He became impassioned to fight trafficking after his dad encountered four girls being sold in 2013, according to WTSP.

In an Instagram post, Tebow and his wife Demi-Leigh shared an emotional story of a trafficking survivor named “Natalie.” Natalie was sexually abused as a child and later as an adult sold into trafficking in Jacksonville, Florida.


Tim Tebow told the story of a trafficking survivor

In the post, Tebow wrote, “This story is hard to hear. It was hard to read. It’s even harder to understand human trafficking happens right here in our own backyard. But, that’s why it’s important for us to talk about it. It’s important that as Christians we say no more, not on our watch.”

“We will no longer be silent as this evil rages on,” Tebow continued. “We can and will bring the light of Jesus into the lives of the survivors. As a foundation, we have worked to create a way for you to SPEAK UP, for you to STAND UP, and for you to LIFT UP those who cant fight for themselves just like Natalie.”

According to Tebow, Natalie’s parents were drug addicts who sold her and her brother for sex. She ended up escaping them after high school by joining the military. But depression and alcohol abuse affected Natalie’s performance. She ended up taking a medical leave from the military and living in her car.

Two men approached Natalie and promised to support her until she could get a job. But they ended up kidnapping her and selling her into trafficking. She managed to escape from her capturers and went to the hospital. Over the next few years, Natalie built herself up seeking treatment for her alcohol problems and attending classes. According to Tebow, she earned her associate’s degree. She is also a nurse at the same hospital that treated her.

“What an amazing story. What an amazing girl,” Tebow said. “Everything that she’s overcome. It gives you so much hope. But not every story is like Natalie’s But right now around the world, there are 40 million stories like Natalie. Not all of them are having a good ending but we can change that. Together.”