Tis’ the Season: Florida Man Lights Up 5-Acres

by Hannah Heser

It’s that time of year again where everywhere you go is lit up with Christmas decorations. Exciting right?!

Robert Moore, a Florida native lights up his 5-acres of land every year. He wants the tradition to live on.

This video is from Milton, Florida where Robert Moore’s 5-acres of Christmas Lights lie. He says this is an annual holiday tradition from 1989 when he and his wife built their home on this wide-open property.

It would be an amazing experience to travel down to Florida and see these lights shine in person. Is this on your bucket list now?

World Record For Holiday Lights

Four days ago, the Dutchess County family set the world record for their annual light display. The family’s light display has about 687,000 lights, which is nearly 100,000 more than last year.

They are currently celebrating this accomplishment.

In order to take part in this, the family raises $500,000 for local charities through this setup every year. It all started back in 1995 for their children to enjoy. And now it sets a new Guinness World Record. How crazy is that!

Holiday Movies that Compete with Christmas Lights

How do we feel about the movie, Christmas Vacation? You know the one where Clark Griswold wants to have a perfect family Christmas with the best decorations in the area. From the Florida man lighting up 5-acres of land to Clark Griswold decorating non-stop makes them very similar.

In Christmas Vacation, things get a little out of hand. His hick cousin, Eddie, and his family show up for the holidays uninvited. They decide to live in their camper on the Griswold property instead of staying in the house.

In this scene, you see how hard Griswold worked on the Christmas lights. He is thrilled by the turnout, and the entire neighborhood is congratulating him on his success. Well, maybe not everyone. Todd and his wife aren’t quite in the Christmas spirit yet.

Fun Christmas Activities for Families & Friends

I’m sure all of you drive around different neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights.

Meanwhile, here are some other fun activities you can do to get in the holiday spirit!

Visit a Christmas tree farm. Don’t you agree that this time of year feels more special when you pick the tree from nature itself? This process is meant to take a while, but time comes with lots of memories.

Another amusement is baking holiday cookies. The saying is, “Santa won’t leave presents without cookies and milk under the tree.” Families can bond over baking, decorating, and eating delicious sweets. After all, there’s no such thing as calories around the holidays!

This time of year is designed for spending time with loved ones. Cherish these memories and the decorations!