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Tourist Grabs Tiger by Testicles for Zoo Selfie, Gets Blasted Online For Photo

by Chris Haney
Photo by JOE KLAMAR/AFP via Getty Images via Getty Images

A tourist in Thailand has the internet in an uproar over her picture with a tiger. The woman uploaded selfies of herself holding a tiger’s testicles at a Thai animal park.

The woman in question, Waraschaya Akkarachaiyapas, visited Tiger Kingdom zoo in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Tiger Kingdom is a popular tourist attraction for those looking to get up close and personal with the big cats. However, many think she took the encounter too far.

Indeed, the Bangkok resident got a more intimate wildlife encounter than most last week. The woman posed for the selfie while grabbing the tiger’s testicles in a photo she posted on social media on Aug. 26.

Tiger Groping Reactions

In response to the the backlash, Waraschaya announced that she’s an animal lover. She may not have meant any harm, but the zoo is taking the situation seriously.

Pirom Cahntama, Tiger Kingdom’s head zookeeper, insisted that the zoo closely monitors visitors. He said the zoo makes sure that photo ops are taken safely for the sake of the tourists and the animals.

“We do not allow tourists to grab the tigers’ testicles but they are allowed to touch any part of the animal’s body as long as our specialists are present,” Pirom added.

Also, Pirom promised to “make sure that no visitor will ever be able to touch this part of a tiger’s body again.”

Backlash on Twitter

Needless to say, the woman’s strange selfie did not sit well with animal lovers online, and many shared their anger.

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