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Travis Tritt on 2020 Election: Media Is ‘Covering for Joe Biden’

by Jennifer Shea
David A. Smith/Getty Images

With less than a week to go before the election, country musician and actor Travis Tritt is not holding back his political opinions.

Tritt on Recent News

“It is becoming increasingly obvious that the MSM and big tech are covering for Joe Biden to an extent that is unprecedented,” Tritt tweeted Thursday.

Tritt also retweeted a clip of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reaming out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Wednesday. In the clip, Cruz questioned Dorsey about Twitter’s “unilateral decision to censor the New York Post” after the Post published two articles about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China. The Post’s Twitter account remains locked as of this writing.

Those stories have been fiercely contested. The New York Times ran an article claiming that many in the Post’s newsroom had concerns about the Ukraine story. They reportedly worried about verification of the hard drive it was based on, about its sources and about the story’s timing. 

Tritt’s Fans Offer Different Views

Tritt’s replies were a mixed bag. Some people tweeted their agreement with his take. Twitter user James King tweeted, “The days of Walter Cronkite and trusting the news are long gone.”

Others chimed in to challenge Tritt. “Oh please,” tweeted tweep Debbi Hoeler. “Like no one’s covering or lying for Trump.”

Tritt has tweeted other political content in recent weeks. When the Senate confirmed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, he tweeted, “Winning!” 

And on the day of the last presidential debate, Tritt tweeted, “Who built the cages, Joe?” and “Biden is promising so many things if he is elected, yet he was VP for eight years and never delivered any of them. He was in politics for forty years before that. Why should anyone believe him now?”

Tritt may alienate some left-leaning fans with his Twitter musings, but the Grammy Award-winning artist doesn’t seem inclined to bite his tongue.