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Travis Tritt Fires Back at Twitter Users Critiquing His Fox News Bias Claims

by Will Shepard
(Photo by David A. Smith/Getty Images)

Grammy award winner Travis Tritt faces some intense backlash about his comments that FOX News biased. Tritt criticized FOX for calling states too early for Joe Biden, or not calling them at all for Donald Trump.

In a matter of 12 hours, this tweet has over 15 thousand people talking about it. Tritt now faces the tall task of defending his words to the ardent FOX news supporters across the country. After calling FOX “a disgrace” people are up in arms against him.

One fan declared that due to Tritt’s political support of Trump, she is no longer a fan.


Without delay, Tritt responded:

“You were never a fan to start with” is incendiary. In today’s climate, it seems that unless star’s fans do not support them in their entire endeavors, they are indeed, fake fans. However, Tritt will unlikely lose too many followers over this.

One such Twitter response came in an elegant form. Sharing how they feel FOX is less biased than News Max, the user made sure to voice their opinion.

Travis Tritt did not offer a response to the tweet.

FOX fans also cite their love for one of FOX’s most popular newscasters, Tucker Carlson. Most people remain in full support of Tritt’s decision to claim FOX news as biased. A response in agreement with Tritt as well as support with Carlson:

One fan commented that Brit Hume looked shocked during an analysis of the election map.

Nonetheless, in today’s political climate it is imperative that we find unbiased, factual news sites amid the political bias of both sides in reporting today. Per AllSides, News Max is rated as leaning right. AllSides rates FOX News as also leaning right.