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Travis Tritt Takes Aim at Fox News for Biased Reporting Amid Election Results

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: David A. Smith / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Country music artist Travis Tritt has taken shots at network Fox News for their biased reporting during last night’s election results.

Around midnight last night, the 57-year-old “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” singer called out Fox News last for their reporting on the election. On his Twitter account, which has over 218,700 followers, Travis Tritt said the only thing he learned tonight was that Fox News could no longer claim they were a “fair and balanced network”. 

He writes that “no matter what the final results are tonight,” he has lost faith in Fox News. Tritt adds, “There are a lot of biased hacks there now and a ton of folks are noticing.”

The tweet has gained some traction with over 2,000 comments, 12,200 retweets, and 44,500 likes so far. 

Furthermore, he says Newsmax will be his source of election news from now on.  Interestingly, Newsmax is known to be a conservative news and opinion site, run by Christopher Ruddy. Ruddy is a longtime friend and confidante of Donald Trump’s, Deadline reports.

Last night, Fox News was under some heat for their decision to call the race for Arizona between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump in favor of Biden. However, it was said that nearly one million votes still had to be counted. 

Tritt started commenting back to users that rebutted his argument on many occasions. He brought up the decision to call Arizona early and his new allegiance to “unbiased” news organization, News Max.  

Apparently, Tritt wasn’t the only one angry at Fox’s reporting tactics last night. Many of the commenters were outraged with the station’s jump to conclusions. However, Fox News did stand by their call and brought on members of their decision team about why they prematurely called Arizona’s race. They said that statistically, it was impossible for it to swing back to red. 

Election Results and Which States We are Still Waiting on

The race for the White House has still not been called due to an overwhelming number of mail-in ballots that are still needed to be counted in states like Pennsylvania, which could be a huge deciding factor in the election. As of Wednesday morning, six states are still undeclared. Many are down to the wire, though, and it is still too early to call which candidate will win.

Americans continue to track the race to 270.