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Travis Tritt Slams Twitter User With Popular Donald Trump Meme

by Outsider
(Photo by David A. Smith/Getty Images)

Travis Tritt has consistently posted on his strong political opinion via social media. Recently, he gave a response to a woman who commented below one of his tweets referencing the upcoming election.

Tritt initially posted footage of a New Jersey teacher yelling at a group of teenagers playing football on the former Homedell School property on East Franklin Street.

The teacher, later identified as Nicole Griggs, was recorded saying she hoped the teens died a “long, painful death” from coronavirus. Tritt shared the footage, coupled with the comment “Wow! I wonder who she is voting for?”

In response, Twitter user “Carol” (@carolshappylife) wrote “Corrupt Trump,” insinuating that the teacher would indeed be voting for Trump.

Tritt didn’t miss a beat, replying with a popular meme about the President. Trump points, with the text “Wrong”, emblazoned across the bottom of the meme. As a result, Tritt attracted plenty of tweets for his reply.

In 2017, Travis Tritt called for “all actors, musicians, and entertainers” to stick to their crafts as well as “drop the political rhetoric.”

“Nobody cares or wants to hear what any celebrities have to say about politics,” he wrote. “Do your craft and leave politics to the politicians.” Furthermore, he asked that artists simply share their talents.

It’s hard to resist a good meme, though.

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